Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Sarah Ferguson to dance on American Television...
Dancin with the Stars!

It's in the works.

Fingers crossed...I hope the rumors are true!

Youtube video of...
Prince Harry and Prince William talk about a concert to honor their mum

They are so cute...and remind me of my sons...
except, well, the royal part, the prince part and the organizing a charity concert part...
you know...



We started listening to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on CD yesterday. The book is read by Elaine Stritch. (Thank you for the recommendation, Lynn)

And it is fabulous!

See if your library has it!

Barbara Robinson is really a wonderful descriptive writer!

I love her description of the charm bracelet, and what happens when you bring a really mean cat to school!

Do you remember show and tell?

Can you remember what you brought for show and tell?

I brought a lobster tail. (The meat had been consumed by one of my parents. I thought the shell was really cool)

I left it in my desk for a long time.

It started to stink.

I don't remember anything else from that whole year of school.

But the smelly lobster, I remember!

Encourage one another,

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