Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just an observation.

Katie is reading Days Go By to me. It is a Pathway Reader.
Pathway readers are Amish/Mennonite books. In the past I have enjoyed them very much.
The stories are innocent and clever and keep a child's attention.

However the last three stories bother me a little. ( just a little, really)

Andrew and Peter ask for a puppy and soon get Rover.

When Andrew and Peter are not around Rover starts getting into things.

(Just what you would expect from a puppy)

But when Rover gets caught,
1. eating daddy's shoe
2. getting into the sheets on the line
3. ripping Rachel's dolly to shreads

The parents 'do something to Rover' and 'Rover does not like it'.

Now, I'm not an animal trainer but this just doesn't seem to be the best strategy, does it?

Katie doesn't like when the puppy gets spanked. In fact, she doesn't want to believe that 'do something to Rover' even means spanking.

I'm mostly frustrated that the parents don't tie the dog up or get it a stick and a ball.

Yeah, I know, it's just a first grade reader, but Katie and I feel badly for the puppy.

So yesterday, I closed the book and asked Katie.

"Is there anything the family could be doing differently with Rover?"

Critical thinking starts early around here.


I am getting my hair colored today.

I sincerely hope the hair coloring is not the reason for my hair loss. I have put it off for a month at least...but with a business Christmas party on Saturday I really want my hair to look nice.

Hopefully my doctor appointment on Monday will provide the answer.


Turtles on the fly can be made while watching House.
Well. At least the unwrapping of all the Rolos.

Speaking of sitting on your butt, making candy while watching television...

Is anyone watching Biggest Loser?

Encourage one another,

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