Monday, December 11, 2006

A little sock perspective.

My first pair of manly socks. Finished!
I'm back to knitting ornament socks.

It took a week of knitting to make one manly sock.
One day of knitting for the teeny one.

I love those teeny socks!

A little parenting perspective

Sent to me via email this week;

....and you probably had hopes that your parenting would help them(your children) avoid all this junk and go straight to the good like you could envision for them. (An improvement on the next generation, if you will.) Well, that is humanism, and it isn't true.
God doesn't have grandchildren, only prodigals who have to come to their senses before they come to Him and say, 'Please, fix this for me."

True words that hit the spot :o)

Christmas decorating perspective.

Boomama is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes.

Come back on Friday for a tour of our home...and of a Friday Five, of course :o)
My husband snickers and scoffs at the tree every time he passes the living room.
Come by on Friday to see what is so darn funny!

And feel free to join in the fun! (Not the mocking of my tree, the home tour, silly!)
You have four days to decorate!

Encourage one another,

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