Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Patrick, Patrick, Matthew, Melinda (Matthew's girlfriend), Emma and Katie.
click on the picture to see their beautiful mugs :o)

Dinner was casual but delicious.

We ate at 1:30 and I had to request that 'if you wore it to bed last can't come to the table in it."

After a few shocked looks and grumbles....
clean clothes were donned.

It was Christmas dinner afterall.

We forgot to put the Mandarin Salad on the table.

Doesn't that always happen?

It's usually the jello.


Ya know who I'm thinking about today?

Dana in Ga.

Her daughter is getting married today.

Dec. 27 is a very special anniversary day in their family! I think this will be wedding #4 on the 27th of December.

Blessings to you and your family, on this, your daughter's wedding day.

May God be with you all!

Encourage one another,

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