Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I opened my email this morning and I found a letter from a famous author in my mailbox.

She liked the socks :o)

I learned of her and her books from you all. Many of you read her most famous book over and over.

She was friendly and open and very kind.

Care to guess?

One more clue.

She is from England.


I went to the Dr. yesterday, now I will wait for test results.
My hair seems to be falling out less lately.

The return to white flour and white sugar did the trick!

he he


I am chipping away at my long Christmas list. I see some progress and that is a relief :o)
The cards are addressed and all they need is that newsey letter to go inside.
I will attempt that today.

For my sisters:
We received a card and picture from Mr. and Mrs. Williams yesterday. Inside was a picture of Diana, Jon, Brent, Karen and Christopher. They were together to celebrate their parents 50th year as a family. I will see if I can make a copy and sent it to you all. I know you would love to see all of their dear faces!

(The Williams family lived next door to us in Wheaton. They were very special neighbors.)


What book do you pick up and read every year at Christmas time?

Encourage one another,

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