Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All over the place ya'll

While I was looking around youtube yesterday, I ran into this wedding dance.

Seems to be the fun, new thing at weddings. The bride and groom make up a surprise dance for their first dance.

The first wedding dance video I ever saw was the funny couple that started out dancing to a slow song and morphed into 'I like big butts'.
It was very funny.

Then all the wedding parties started learning Thriller.

Yesterday I saw a couple dancing the dance Tony and 'what's her names' dance in SNF. (More than a woman. White suit et al)

But this couple. They really do dance together. A lot.

I hope that...the couple that dances together, stays together.

I realize that I saw this somewhere before. Jessica Claire was the photographer for this wedding and she posted this video about a year ago. You can see her dash by a few times. She is wearing yellow :o)

I LOVE this gals dress...and both of their shoes.

Do you think this dance is the Lindy hop or the jive or the jitterbug?

I think it is the Lindy, but I could be wrong.


I have a lot of paper piles to sort thru and organize. I worked on it all yesterday afternoon and will tackle another spot today.

Here are the treasures I found.


from Katie

(She is the big encourager around here)


from Matthew

I love this piece of paper with all my heart.
I love how they are holding hands.
This must be from kindergarten.

I wonder what I will find today?

Have you ever heard the saying, "Closets are the underwear of your home?"

It's kind of true isn't it?



The undersides of Katie's flowers photographed much better than the 'faces'.
I took this last night as the sun made its belated appearance.

Could these colors be prettier??

If you were filling out your little "I have a dream" paper,
What would you dream of for yourself?

Encourage one another,

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