Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It sure is nice to get out of town for a little bit.
Katie and I drove 60 miles exactly and arrived at my friends farm.

It was clear and bright and WINDY!
My senior was really great! He was gentlemanly and polite and didn't look at me funny
as I did my thing. He has beautiful brown eyes that I could see a twinkle in from time to time.
In these parts, brown eyes are very rare.

Since he was so tall I had to find rocks to stand on and I even stood on a bale of hay.

I forgot to ask his mother if I could post a picture of him here on the that will have to wait.


On the way home, Katie and I took pictures of the super huge windmills.



I was enamored with the clouds yesterday. They were wild and dramatic.



Feel free to dish about Idol and Dancing and BL.

I really enjoyed hearing about your mother's sayings yesterday.
Thanks for sharing those!

Hey! What was your dad know for saying or doing?

My dad was a real tease.

He called cows alligators and told us that toll booths were popcorn machines only he didn't want to wait for the popcorn.

He also use to say when we drove past a cemetery, "People are dying to get in there."

And when I brought my report card home, "D is for dandy!"

I miss him, too.

Alright. Gotta go!

Encourage one another,

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