Monday, April 20, 2009

And they all lived happily ever after...


Katie. Acting.
She has been asked a difficult question and is trying to think of the answer.


Twinges of tummy ache kept us on edge.
I decided NOT to think about it.

The production was quite good for children so young.
So much could go wrong with 75 children and lights and mics and props and dances...
But as far as I could tell nothing went wrong.

They worked hard and it payed off.




The sisters just after the play.

I was just as proud of Emma for coming all the way home to celebrate with her little sister.

Excuse me while I gush over our girls.


I gave myself about seven minutes to take a few pictures at the antique store on the way to the train.





Oh my! The drama on Amazing Race last night.

Patrick and I think we have a group of pretty unlikable folks this time.

He likes Tammy and Victor (Our parents will cry themselves to death)
I like Tammy and Victor and Margie and Luke.

Has there been a sibling group winner yet?

Did anyone else think of "Ping" while watching those birds fish?


Patrick and I have been watching The Sopranos on TBS for years. We do not have HBO so we have had to wait years to see the finale.

Next week is the finale. But last night was the big massacre of Tony's crew.
Tony laid down at the end of the show on a sheet-less bed with a machine gun across his chest.
While I have watched the famous last five minutes on youtube. Patrick has not.

For anyone who's watched to ending. Do you think Tony is dead or alive?


Well. I'm off to help at school today.

Thank you for your prayers for Katie.

We were very happy that she recovered so quickly from her tummy bug.

Encourage one another,

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