Friday, April 03, 2009


I think I will stop getting the mail.

For Good.

The last two weeks had brought only bad news and bills.

Last night, I received a real doozy in the mail.

A Letter for the Office of Homeland Security saying my blog was under suspicion for terrorist activity.
They have been watching my traffic and see some real bad dudes hanging out here.

They said that they would be watching and if they found more visits they would need to make a visit to our home in less than 24 hours.

In the final paragraph, Ned Emerson Undersecretary, said they would leave a message in my comments to alert me as to whether I had again been visited again.

The code to watch for was "The hurricane has impeded the Eagle."
This code was to be left on April 1, 2009.


I did get that weird comment on Wednesday. I wondered what it meant, but ignored it because it was kind of creepy.
You may call me the Queen of Denial now.

So, my heart started beating really fast and I called my husband at work. He was not there so I left him a message.
I googled the Office of Homeland Security to look for a Ned Emerson. No Ned Emerson visible on that site.

My husband called back and I read the letter to him.

I wondered if it could be real. He suggested I google hoaxes.
I realized that the message was sent to my blog on April 1st.
Nothing showed up in the google search as to April 1st Homeland Security Hoax.
BUT. I did notice something odd when I googled Ned Emerson.
Those are both names from a favorite tv show. Pushing Daisies.


While I was googling away with shaking hands and burning cheeks an email entered the system.

It was good friend, Amy J writing to ask if Katie could get together with Carrie next week when they came to town.
She then asked if I saw that odd message in the comments "hurricane/eagle"?

Oh no! I thought, NOW "they" will follow Amy's message and start watching her!

I called her to warn her!

She asked where the postmark was from. I couldn't really tell. She seemed properly concerned by had to run one of her kids to a meeting. (I can't really even remember where she was going, I was too rattled.)

Fortunately Patrick came home. He knows things. He knows how to ping websites and track down IP addresses.

But before he did anything he said, I think this is from someone who knows you.

"No one I know would do this!", I was sure.

"Well, lets look up the zip code." He said.

"Arlington, Virginia"

Oh no! That would be DC. That would fit with the Homeland Security.

"Do you know anyone from there?" Patrick pressed.

"No!" I don't know anyone from there......

BUT Amy J has a BROTHER who lives in Va."

Oh! The clues quickly flooded in.
Amy wrote the email to check up on her plot.

And I called like a scared bunny.

How fun that must have been for her.

Just one more thing to try to see if we were on the right track.

The IP number.

And there it was, sent from Amy's husband's place of business. The stinker!!!

The whole family was in on this little April fools joke.

Patrick thought it was GREAT.

I am still recovering!



Make no mistake about it, that innocent gal holding the dog is not as innocent as she looks.
I have a feeling she is the mastermind behind this whole hoax. She is too smart for her own good.

And look at that awful woman torturing her poor little girl.

Strangling her beloved. And enjoying it.

Very sad.

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Mark, the man behind these sly women.
He was naughty, too.

I don't have the strength to do a Friday Five this morning. Recounting that story took a lot out of me.

Recovering in Wisconsin,

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