Thursday, August 06, 2009

Before I knew of a real live Pioneer Woman,
I loved this picture.

harvey dunn the prairie is my garden

I saw it on a neighbor's wall in 2001. Since then I have loved it.
I think this is the third time I have posted The Prairie is my Garden by Harvey Dunn on my blog.

And then I met Ree on the Internet. And I thought, if I ever go to the ranch to meet Ree, I want to recreate this picture with her and her punks.
I'm really quick, you know. It won't take much time. And I won't insist she wear an apron.
But look! The pioneer woman is holding a big knife. Isn't that prophetic?

I am posting this on the blog today so I have the picture in a handy place to study it in case Ree is game...

And then, the other day, Gone with the Wind was on AMC. And I had to stop and watch it. Again.

And I had another hair brained idea.

I know a certain cowboy who is very dashing and he is passionate about his fiery bride.

I don't know if I will be brave enough to even ask to recreate this gorgeous shot from GWTW,
but man! don't you think it would be brilliant!?

Rhett Butler: [forces her to look him in the eyes] Here's a soldier of the South who loves you, Scarlett. Wants to feel your arms around him, wants to carry the memory of your kisses into battle with him. Never mind about loving me, you're a woman sending a soldier to his death with a beautiful memory. Scarlett! Kiss me! Kiss me... once...
[he kisses her]

So we are off on our big adventure this morning.
I have butterflies. Lots of em.

Take care! Be good!

Encourage one another,

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