Thursday, August 20, 2009

This and that and a Sneak Peek

I have a reoccurring dream.

It is so real to me, I think it is real. In fact, when I am dreaming it, I think it is so real, I plan on blogging about it.
Then when I wake up I ponder and feel confused. So. I think to myself. That is not real, huh?

And I really have to think hard to convince myself that my dream is just that, a dream.

And you will never guess who is stopping by our house chatting with my family members at the curb while I am inside on the computer.

Brett Favre.

In my dream, he lives nearby. He paints, watercolors and he looks at cast off junk in front of peoples houses.
He stops and talks. I never see him. I just hear that he stopped by for a visit again. It's perfectly natural.

It truly baffles me.

Our minds sure do have a mind of their own.


Rick Bayless won Top Chef Masters last night.
I know he is a chef from Chicago, but I have never been to his restaurant; Frontera Grill.

Has anyone been to this restaurant?
Would you recommend it?

Now that Patrick has eaten a steak taco my dining world has opened up :o)


Sneak Peek for Stephanie


I can not tell you how much fun I had photographing this little family.







I have never enjoyed looking thru a set of pictures as much as this one. I just shot like crazy and didn't know what I would come up with....and man! what a delightful, beautiful bunch of pictures.

It is kind of an out of body experience. Working with a very active three year old is exhilarating, challenging and rewarding!
Mom and baby were relaxed souls. Big sis was the life of the party :o)

I don't know how Steph and her hubby will choose. I'm having a hard time narrowing it down to forty for the gallery.
(I guess that's a good kind of problem to have ;o)



That was fun!!!

Encourage one another,

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