Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fresh Tomatoes.


I love fresh, home grown tomatoes more than anything food in the whole world.
Really. I think.

If you have been around here in summers past you have seen my pictures of sliced tomatoes and tomatoes in a bowl.

But I don't have any tomato plants this year. The spring was so cold I delayed in buying a few plants.
Then when it finally did warm up (for a week) the plants were sold out.

So I will rely on the farmers market for my home grown tomato plants.
And I sure hope they come thru for me.

The other night I made hamburgers for dinner. This is my new thing. I make the most delicious hamburgers.
(I buy 80/20) But I didn't have a tomato to put on it. And I wanted a tomato so bad, I was determined to drive to the store to get one. Just as I was about to leave for the store, Patrick told Katie to go and ask the neighbor if they had a tomato.

Boy was I glad Patrick thought of that because Katie came home with a yummy little home grown tomato.

My dinner was complete.

Delicious and complete.

I ate two slices on my hamburger and two slices with salt on the side.

So juicy and delicious.

This morning we will go to the big farmer's market on the square in Madison.
My purpose is to find home grown tomatoes.

I hope they are ready.
I really hope they are ready.

Tomatoes may have a tough time turning red around these parts this year.

Cold summers are not the best for ripening tomatoes.

And just so you get the idea of what I mean by cold summers..... it is currently 53 degrees here in sunny Wisconsin.

So I have my fingers crossed that a farmer somewhere, somehow has a bumper crop of tomatoes.
My summer won't be complete without them.


On second thought...


When I first looked at Lexi's pictures I thought to myself, there is no way I would ever want to make these black and whites.
The colors are so glorious. Nope. I don't think I will be showing any black and whites.

And then last night as I edited her whole session.

I gave it a try. Just one little black and white.


My goodness, gracious!!! I couldn't believe my eyes.

So amazingly gorgeous!


For my black and white edits I use Sesame Ellis' black and white photoshop action from The Basics set.
I thought some of you might be curious :o)

Sesame Ellis Actions

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

I'm off in search of a tomato.

Encourage one another,

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