Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Many of you commented that Katie and Ree's girls would be "fast friends".

And to tell you the truth, I just didn't know how it would go. Katie is exuberant, a little wild, a little in your face, a little goofy.
If Ree's girls were shy, Katie might come on too strong.


"Livin' on Tulsa time...."

(I'm not kidding. Ree had the television tuned to a country station. This song was honestly playing!)

But I needn't worried at all.

Ree and the girls brought over lasagna and gifts the night we arrived and the talking and the greeting and introducing went by in a flash.

Katie waited a decent amount of time before she started hugging and clinging to Ree's girls.
They seemed okay with it. They have little brothers, you know. As long as she didn't kick them in the shins, I think they were gonna like her :o)

Horses are natural ice breakers.


So...she waited 12 hours before jumping on Ree's oldest gal.


The Game of Life: Twists and Turns Edition.

Not your mother's board game.

Just before the girls arrived at the ranch to play Life, I found a sweet spot to take pictures.


I was trying to take pictures of Katie with the wind in her hair on the deck. It was just too bright and not working at all.
So I went in search of some open shade.


You know you have hit sweetlight heaven when you don't have to edit your pictures and they look like this.


"May I take your picture, please? I found a really nice spot. I'll be quick."

How I love this picture. She is such a beauty.
Lovely and gentle and tender-hearted.


And this stunning girl.
Soft-spoken, graceful and smart.

Thank you, girls, for letting me take your pictures.
I will cherish these photos.


Oh! And how cool is this?

When we returned to the lodge we needed a little help working the television.
Ree and the girls came in and I heard a little jingle jangle....

It was the spurs.

"You have spurs on! How cool is that? May I take a picture?"


So they think I'm a little kooky.
I wish I had laid down on the floor for the boot shot like Ree did.

And I wish I had taken pictures of the girls in the gator. But I must have been talking.
We all really love that gator.

The gator had the second sweetest light on the ranch.

I'll go there tomorrow!

Encourage one another,

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