Monday, August 17, 2009

Donna and Patrick's most excellent adventure.


Just this week we saw this restaurant featured on Diner's Drive-in's and Dives.
I wrote the name down and googled the address.

Guy is so enthusiastic, he makes us want to eat at all of the fab places he dines!!!


However, Guy had duck when he visited Cempazuchi's.
I just could not risk it and get duck.
Would you have gotten the duck taco?

Anyway. I did try perch tacos. They were different and tasty. The guacamole was wonderful.
Patrick ate his very first mexican food. Steak tacos. Plain.


I don't know Milwaukee very well at all. But this was a cool neighborhood.
Lots of people and flowers and Italian restaurants, bakeries and bars.

Hey! Restaurants, bakeries and bars.

That has a nice ring to it. Think I have an idea for a Food Network show.

My sister Cindy will have to come along for the 'bars' portion of the show. hehe

Cindy....are you there?


A real family bakery.
A real Italian family bakery.

They sold ham at this bakery too. And gelato.
And lots of little powdery cookies.

With a pound of sliced ham you got six free buns.

Such a deal.


After lunch we searched for the Milwaukee Art Museum.
And found it at the end of Wisconsin St.

I was not disappointed at all. In fact, I think Milwaukee is Wisconsin's best kept secret!
I don't know if it was the weather, the empty streets, the wonderful situation of this museum...
but I kind of feel in love with this area.

I have been to Milwaukee a handful of times. But this museum. This spectacular museum, on the waterfront, in the summer.

It was amazing!





This painting enchanted me.


If you can decipher the name of the artist, will you let me know in the comments.
I forgot to take pictures of the "nameplates" and came home with paintings with no names this time.



I love getting super close to art.
It awes me.


This palette slays me.

So long Milwaukee...


already looking forward to our next visit!

DSC_8496-2 actually is all around

Encourage one another,

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