Monday, August 10, 2009


I knew I would love the view at the ranch. I love a view. I dream of a view.

Oklahoma has lots of view.

The every day glories are on display.

Here in our little grove of trees we can not see the moon rise and the sun rise. We see them rise over the trees,
but the drama of the pre-sunrise and the big fat moon rise are pretty spectacular!

I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that the view on the plains is special.
I felt more connected to the land.

Willa Cather....where are you when I need your words?


The light at six in the morning is beyond gorgeous.
It makes me want to schedule photoshoots at six in the morning.
Do you think that will make me a real popular photographer?


Ree's little niece wanted me to take a picture of her horse.
They were both wonderfully photogenic :o)
Horses and cows are hard to shoot. They move a lot and fast and in weird ways.
(Ree is an excellent photographer!!)

When it came to the children on the ranch. I didn't want to just shove my camera in their faces.
I had just met the I left them alone for the most part.
But I really do regret not getting a picture of Emma and Ree's youngest boy.
They kind of bonded.


She loves her horse


I think I shall call this one:

Mama's Got a Feed Truck

I am hearing a song from the 70's in my head right now...something about a squeeze box...

Ree's girls really do call her Mama. It is very sweet. They love their mama so much!


These are the things I will tell you about MM.

He is wise and soft spoken. Works hard.
He is a wonderful papa and adores his delightful wife.
I glanced over at him when Ree was doing one of her many imitations and I could see it in his laugh.

Ree is really the funniest mimic and has a mind like a steel trap!

She can recite movie lines better than anyone I have ever heard! And since this is my favorite thing in the world, I egged her on and kept thinking of lines for her to recite. And the fun thing was...Ree can do voices! She is Rich Little on the Ranch.

It helps that some of my favorite movies are her favorite movies.

Especially Parenthood.

Oh my gosh. Ree can recite lines from this movie with ease and she sounds just like Mary Steenbergen!

And Sophia from The Color Purple...and Celie and her long lost children!


I am not kidding you, we could sit for days and do this.
Over and over. Ree really is funny!

What is it about movie lines?



It was such a beautiful morning. It was a gift.
We thanked God.


The mustangs were rather shy.

I think my shouting, "Horsey. Horsey. Here! Horsey" might have scared them.

Emma and I would spot them along the roads.
I would jump out,
sprain my ankle on the rocks and lumpy land
and they would turn and run away.

"Run Away. Run Away."

(Name that movie)


"Do you like my new dangly earrings? I got them at Claires."


I hope Ree doesn't mind this picture. I looked carefully and I think it is absolutely beautiful of her.

She has a real sparkle in her eye. I think that sparkle exemplifies her wonderful attitude, her love of life, her bright spirit and her big, big heart.


And with that, I will stop for now.
I'll share more with you all tomorrow.

More about the wind and the light and the food and the faces and the fun.

Encourage one another,

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