Friday, October 22, 2010

Being a photographer is work.
But it sure is fun and challenging.

How I loved driving out to shoot this family on their farm.

Walking around on the hilly property looking for pretty light was pure bliss....

The girls were delightful and sweet and their parents were adorable and great sports to put up with me and my ideas!


I was especially happy when I got home and saw this picture. Everyone looks wonderful!
Those cattle are very special...well...and so is the family :o)

It was about ten after five and I was all hope with this shot.
I was afraid the Scottish Highland cattle would be blown out. But instead they are fine...and they were in-between the fencing.




The sun was dipping low but I found a nice spot for some pretty pictures.

The girls were itching to go play with their horses!




Their lovely mom wondered how they should dress....I told her..."You have great style, L., whatever you choose will be great!"


And she did beautifully! Here color and style choices were perfect and they all looked pretty and natural!


We were so excited to see this in the LCD screen.

Couple pictures rock!!!


Katie loved this one of little G.

Me too.


I adore this shot!!!

What is it about children and rocks?

I love that I had nothing to do with the hay or the pose.

"Do something with your hands." I yelled.

Man! My trip to the family farm was a blast!!! Thank you K. Fam for letting me come and take your pictures!!!

Encourage one another,

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