Saturday, October 23, 2010


There is patience and there is PATIENCE.

From what I have learned from the wildlife photographers, it's all about learning the animals habits and sitting and waiting for them to show up. (Waiting with the right lens on your camera of course. A long one.)

People tell me all the time that I have patience,
but I promise you that I don't have this kind of patience.

When I am trying to get the shot with children or families I don't feel like I am being patient.

I am busy thinking and adjusting and moving and persevering.

But to sit quietly in a field and wait for a fox to appear or a hawk to come near...

Oh. That's a different thing altogether.

The waiting. It is not for me.

Just drive with me some time. You will see.

So I guess I will never be a wildlife photographer.

But I sure admire those have mastered it. I think they are a different breed.
A truly, wonderfully patient breed.


p.s. I have also learned that pictures taken in zoos are not considered wildlife photography.
I suppose farms don't count either.



And for those who asked.

Here are the stats for the silhouette pictures.

Camera Nikon D700
Exposure 1/6400 sec
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 85 mm

That is not the idea aperture but it's the one I landed on.
If the aperture had been 8 or 11 I would have gotten that cool star flare.

But it is what it is....

You meter the light in the sky. Set that up.
Bring the camera back down to your subject and shoot.

The more lighted area behind the person the better.
I had to squat and aim up at the little girls to avoid the barn behind them.

I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Love ya lots,

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