Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Patrick called and asked if I wanted to go to the Ohio St. vs Wisconsin game.
He was really excited. He is a big Ohio State fan and Ohio State was ranked #1. He then said he was going to try to get three tickets so Katie could come along.

We are not used to getting a sitter for her at all and have become accustomed to bringing her with us.

We both like it that way anyway :o)

Katie and I had never been to a Wisconsin game before. We expected it to be fun and wild.


Katie was dressed for the six o'clock kick off by 11:00am.


I wanted to go to the mall and get some Wisconsin gear.

We bought lots of stuff for Katie.

Nothing for me.

That's okay. She wears it all very very well.


Yes. I know that is a hockey jersey.

I like it better than the football jersey.


We walked around the stadium and took in the sights.

The tuba's marched by....tooting a tune.


We are ALWAYS early.

So we waited. It was a perfect night for a game.


Once inside we found our seats. We were surrounded by really nice people. There were friendly and talked with Katie....and they watched their language.

The student section was a riot to watch. All of their little cheers and chants and motions. Too fun.

Katie loved it.


The first play of the game was a kick off return...all the way for a Wisconsin TD.
Before we knew it Wisconsin was in the lead by 14 to 0 in the first few minutes.

It was a thrilling game.

A wild and exciting night.

Wisconsin beat #1 Ohio St. Huge thrill for the fans.

Oh! One of my favorite things to happen the whole night was when the loud speaker plays Jump Around all of the students and fans start jumping around. I looked onto the field and there were the Badger's jumping around...and even the players on Ohio's team were jumping around! They are kids after all. I was glad to see them all having fun. (Not sure the Ohio coaches were too thrilled.) But we loved it!

Actual video. You can see Ohio in the background. ha.

Axelle. This is Wisconsin college football. :o)


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