Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patrick and I love watching movies.

We have been on a losing streak.

Here are the films we have seen in the last six months...
I will tell you what I thought of them. Just imagine. Patrick usually hated them more.

Since the Academy Awards we have rented movies that were nominated for best picture.

Hurt Locker- okay. won because of woman director.
Blind side- wonderful
an education- I liked the actress very much. I liked the 60's styling. Good movie.
inglorious basterds- Loved this movie. violent and twisted.
a serious man- Patrick watched while we were away. He thought it was weird.
up in the air- if you've seen one George Clooney movie, you've seen em all.
a single man- great styling. we almost turned it off.

crazy heart- wanted to love. didn't.
the kids are alright- interesting story. people making bad decisions. eh.
wanted to like it. didn't.

toy story 3- everyone liked it. I didn't like the dark side. Didn't like the baby.
despicable me- Katie and I loved it. Funny and touching.

the young victoria- loved it.
wives and daughters- loved it
coco before channel- liked it very much

My life in ruins-How could they go wrong? They did. Sadly, NOT Greekalicious.
Brothers Bloom-curious, interesting film. odd and touching.
It's complicated-Like it better second time around.
flywheel-so poorly filmed and acted. We couldn't watch it.
away we go- A vague memory. Nope.
defiance-Didn't know people hid in the woods to hide from the Nazis. Okay. Patrick liked it more than me.

she's out of my league- dirty teen comedy. I liked the main character.
500 days of summer- I really liked this movie. Love the wacky timeline and the actors were intriguing.
leap year-cute. a little off. but definitely cute.

September Issue-fascinating. wonderful. interesting.

I just looked over the top 100 movies of 2010.

I am not crazy. I haven't seen many at all and now I remember why. They look terrible.
They are not making movies for me.

And when they do make a movie I adore (Julie and Julia), the Academy totally ignores it.

We are lucky to have choices and back up plans nowadays.

We can rent and download movies any time we want. It's amazing.

Do you remember how long it took for a movie to go from the theater to the television set?
Four or five years!!! It was a long wait to see favorites.
Except for The Wizard of Oz. That we got to see once a year.
But other than was a long wait.

Now any time I want, I can pop in The Family Man or Persuasion or You've Got Mail or Julia and Julia.
It's pretty sweet isn't it!?

Have you seen a movie you really loved this year?

Encourage one another,

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