Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cooking with Miz Boo.


My happy spoon is perfect for stirring in my new cast iron pot.
I have made two soups in my cluckcluck so far, but no bread yet. Here is the scoop about the bread.
It must rise for 12 hours. This means mixing the bread at night. After I clean the kitchen for dinner, I am not in the habit of starting to cook again. But I will do it. And soon. I swear. I promise. I will.


The soup was good. Not as thick as I thought it would be. But it was tasty.
There is a ton left. I had to use my largest Tupperware container to hold it all.

I think it would be better with cheese and scallions and bacon on top.


But what isn't better with cheese on top?



Darling Ann Bell sent Katie this adorable hat.

Two weeks ago I said Katie loved orange. Ann crochets hats and thought Katie would LOVE this orange hat.
And indeed she does! It is pretty and soft and even smelled good!

Thank you Ann!! We love Katie's hat!

Just Ann



This weekend brings two super fun things....

We are going to the Badger vs. Ohio St. football game! Patrick is thrilled since he loves Ohio St. and they are number one.
I'm excited to see all the colors and hear the band. Katie will just be happy to be there, I am sure.

Then tomorrow morning Katie and I are going to visit Emma in Chicago.
We are going early enough to go to church with Em. That will be so nice.


I may not post on Monday from Chicago...but I will for sure be back on Tuesday with lots of pictures and stories to tell!!

Happy, happy weekend!!

Encourage one another,

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