Wednesday, April 06, 2011

1. Thank you for sharing your stories, your opinions, your wisdom.
Thank you for being here; for showing up and leaving a comment.
I consider them gifts. I know it takes time. Big hugs.

2. Katie found two dimes yesterday.

3. I was awakened by a screaming bird of some sort, perhaps the owl, perhaps a hawk.(3:30am)
It startled me. Seems we have some night hunting going on in our back yard.
I don't like it.


4. Katie awoke with a bloody nose. (4:30)

5. Oh what a night.

6. I write lines all the time and to me they are a quote or a song...and I don't know if anyone catches them.
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife is from a crazy news story/video. I'm not sure anyone caught that.

So that you are well informed on the youtube sensations (this is months and months old by now)

Here is Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife the story.

And the song....

I just may be getting a new ring tone.

7. What can I say....this was on my phone....

This is real life. fo sure.

8. These kooks were on public television hawking some bogus product.
Look what the sign says...



I'm afraid they chose the wrong pitchmen.


9. Was that mean?

10. I have coined a new term that describes our state, our country. Politically.

The Great Divide.

Tell Brian Williams he is free to use it.

Here ends the second oddest blog post in Quiet Life's history.
You can be thankful that no swimming babies showed up and that I didn't talk about
mustard on my sandwich.

What happens matters.
It really does.

Love ya like a friend,

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