Monday, April 04, 2011


We went for a Sunday drive on Saturday. It was the better of the days.

We followed signs to a church in the country.
When we finally found it, there was a truck with a trailer carrying a four wheeler parked right in the very
front of the church. It ruined the photo op.

Well. Except for the pooch in the back of the truck.

He/She had a cute patch over his/her eye.


Hey! Boy!


Sweet Girl!


Good Dog!



Yesterday I dropped off the prints from a recent session. This little girls mom gave me a copy of the announcement she had made with the digital file I sent her. (Infant and Senior Sessions get a dig. file n/c if they would like one for announcements)

I absolutely adore it! I think she did a fantastic job designing it. She used Tiny Prints.
Wonderful color and paper quality. It made my day!
Pretty cute picture too :o)

I'm planning on adding a mini session to my session choices for my photography business this year.
I'm not sure if they will be on specific days only or clients choice. I will definitely bundle it with a 8 x 10....or perhaps an 11 x 14.
It will only be 1/2 hour shoot.
Still thinking about this one.

I also want to think of a way to encourage parents/clients to buy something large.

Seriously I think under a 11 x 14 is tiny. I need to think of a way of encouraging this.
I don't want to do this to make more money. I just really want them to have a nice big print or two or three of
their session. I'm afraid the digital files and 5 x 7 get tossed in a drawer.

Perhaps a deal for 11 x 14's. Something like that.

Do you ever print your pictures larger than a 4 x 6?
Do you always put pictures in frames?

The thing I like about 11 x 14 is that I mount them on something hard and they can stand up without a frame....and then I just set them on top of things. Framing and hanging is another thing, isn't it?

I also like the big canvases cause them come the nice hanging wires already...and all I need is a nail.
(Which is also a tricky situation around here. Where do all the nails go? )

I'd be happy to hear your opinions on picture sizes and framing and whether you put your pictures in albums?


Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"

Pretty Please.

Encourage one another,

Hey! I just thought of something.

11 x 14

buy one get one for free :o)

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