Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking for brother pictures.

brothers and their new baby sister. emma.

Matthew is reaching out to touch her.
He would be rough with her and wrestle with her.
It taught her to be tough.
She does not complain, she didn't tattle.

Matthew taught her to be tough unbeknownst to me.

It's those things you find out listening to stories many, many years later.

I'm not sure I want to hear them.

The secret world of siblings.


Now these two...
they never fought.
I don't remember them ever fighting.

One of them fought with me....
but they never fought with one another.

Matthew loved his big brother from the start.

They slept on the floor in their bedroom so they could talk and look at baseball cards together.
Always two sleeping bags on the floor.

They did all the things brothers do together, except fight.

Unless I just don't know about it...yet.


Katie tried out for the play last night. She sang Matchmaker. She did very well. Her voice is getting so pretty.
This morning I wrote the director to bow out (just in case) because I'm afraid of too many scheduling conflicts with softball.
I just found out that softball practices at night as does the play.

Katie cried at the thought of not getting to be in the play.
It's one of those hard decisions to make and I made it.



Kirstie Alley's shoe fell off last night at the beginning of the dance.

Losing your shoe can be a good thing..... if you're Cinderella.

(this song is for me...and Kirstie)

Encourage one another,

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