Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Songs to lift your spirits on this April day.

It's Spring Break and Katie has her play on Saturday so we are not going anywhere far away due to
play practice. Life as we know it. BUT we are dashing off to Appleton today to
visit Carrie and Amy J. (Unless the snow keeps snowing and blowing and piling up. Then we may be force to stay home.)

BUT I come with cheer and bright happy tunes today.

A new tutorial I wrote for The Pioneer Woman is up this morning, so that might be fun to check out too.
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Yesterday this song came on the radio. I knew I had heard it once or twice before.
My mind took me to Matthew...and then I remembered.

This is Matthew's favorite new group.

Mumford and Sons.

I LOVE the ending.

The following song lifts my spirits too...and so do Matilda and Miss Honey.

Perhaps Asher would like to call me Miss Honey. I love her.

We (the collective family We) are all thinking of Sue this week. She died on April 24th last year.
A whole year. It can't' be. But it is.

We loved to sing to records in the living room.
Funny Girl was a big favorite.

While I don't know any words to the songs I listen to now....
I know every single word from this record.

This one's for Sue.
She loved Barbra!

Miss you.
Mean it.

Now go out there and find some joy and spread it around.

"And Matilda found, to her great surprise, that life could be fun and she decided to have as much of it as possible."

Encourage one another,

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