Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I think this will be the strangest post I have ever written.

Hide yo kids.
Hide yo wife.

It is going to be strange because I am going to tell you some strange happenings that I don't generally
believe in. I don't believe in horoscopes. I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in speaking with the dead.
I stay very clear of anything occultish.

I do believe in angels tho.
I'm not sure how much interaction we have with them...but the Bible says there are angels so I believe it is true.

Lately, I have been smelling smoke.
My husband smokes outside in our garage. He never smokes in the house.
But the strange thing is I will smell smoke in the middle of the day or night,
when he not smoking and sometimes not even at home.

I smell it when the furnace is not on. So I don't think fumes are blowing from somewhere.
I asked him if he had been smoking in the basement and he says absolutely not.

So. Where is the smoke coming from? It could be my mom and dad.
Now, I know this is unusual but my sister Janice told a story a few years ago of a time in her life when
she was going thru a particularly difficult time. She smelled smoke. After months of trying to figure it out,
she surmised that the smoke was mom and dad coming along side her to give her so support.
After Janice's life turned a corner...the smoke was gone.

So just last night I posted to Janice that I thought mom and dad were visiting me.
She wondered if I was finding dimes? No. I'm not sure about the dimes but I told her I would keep a watch for them.

But something else happened and I didn't realize it until this morning on the way to school with Katie.

I told Katie that I heard an owl hoo, hoo, hooing when I went to bed.
She giggled at my hoo, hoo, hooing.

I then called out the owl call "who, who, who cooks for you."
And instantly I knew that the owl had been sent to me by Sue.

Susie was the owl whisperer.
Keith told me the story of he and Sue sitting on their deck in Missouri and Sue calling out to the owls,

"Who, Who, Who cooks for You?

And just like that, a big owl flew down from the trees, landed on the railing of their deck and turned it's head right around
and looked at Sue and Keith. She was the owl whisperer.

I am sad that I didn't call out my bedroom window after that owl last night and that I didn't realize it until this morning.
(I have only heard an owl perhaps three times at this house)

It's all a little psychic hotline for me.

I do believe there is a lot going on that we don't see.

Could it be their spirits coming to comfort me?
Warn me? (ew)
Just coming to visit?
Enjoying Dances with the Stars with me?

I think I need to ask God to make them go away if they are not friendly spirits.
I don't feel a sense of dread which is a good thing. I just feel curious, confused and slightly
nutty. I do not find it comforting. I just don't know.

Amy Grant says the angels are watching over me and on that,
I rest my case :o)

What do you think of this sort of thing happening?
Be nice to me. I'm fragile.

Encourage one another,

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