Saturday, April 02, 2011

I hope you all survived the very bad terrible holiday called April fools day.

We had huge flakes of snow and that was pretty crazy but our radio station
was trying to be funny and they pretended it was Saturday. The good thing about this is
on Saturday they play 70's music.
I felt like it was the best April Fools trick in the world...cause it made me super happy
every time I got in the car.

Al Green and Barry White never fail to make me happy.

So thank you Magic 98

(Karen, you must show Chuck :o)


make avatar

happy asher

ht picasion


peek a boo maLINda :o)



it looks like katie has about seven fingers in this picture.
that's odd.

Katie says "he's so big"


Off to drink my Iced Chai.

We rented The Fighter and will watch that some time today.
All of my teams are out of the running for the Final I hardly care.
The sun is shining like crazy. I finished the Idita-walk.
Katie is having a sleepover tonight.

That is all I know or as that lady on television used to say,

And so it goes.

Happy weekend!

Encourage one another,

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