Thursday, December 08, 2011


Yesterday I ordered my Christmas cards from Minted. They have darling card options.
This morning I got an email from Mpix. My friends from 1canoe2 have cards with Mpix this year!
Somehow I had forgotten this....
The Mpix cards would be almost half of what the Minted cards were.

Would I be in time?
Could I cancel my order with Minted?


I cancelled my order with Minted, which would have been 137.00 for seventy five cards and ordered 100 cards from Mpix
for 80.00.

I am so happy! Both designs were cute. Both companies very good.
Big huge savings with Mpix...and I get to support 1canoe2!!


times two.


Here are the Christmas/Holiday Movies that I love most.

1. White Christmas

2. A Christmas in Connecticut

3. It's a Wonderful Life

4. The Family Man

No. I love THIS movie.

5. Holiday

6. Meet John Doe

The best ending. Frank Capra. Gary Cooper.
I love this movie.

7. The Bishops Wife

This movie has the oddest premise, don't you think. Cary Grant, the angel, comes to make the husband jealous....
I adore the skating scene!!


It is impossible for any of these movies to disappoint. I promise.
The Family Man is a little sexy at prepared to cover some eyes...yours...your children's...
but it's message of loving one another and loving your family is worth it.

Meet John Doe may seem an odd choice but it ends with a bang and it's message is strong: Love your neighbor.

Holiday is a new favorite and very cute. Also a little risk-ay...but those little English girls steal my heart every time I watch it!

"You look like my Barbie."

And the tent scene....enchanting.

Have a great day and watch one of these movies for me!!

Encourage one another,

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