Tuesday, December 20, 2011


You will have to bear with me...or as Stephie likes me to say, bare with me. :o)

I've got puppy training and tending to do.
So I can think of little else.

Training Katie to be an alpha dog is hard.
Katie had two successes this morning before school so that was good...after that big bite on the had, Katie had to get tough and serious. We don't want Ginny to boss Katie.

Katie took fresh Boucher Bakery cookies to school this morning....and that makes for a special day.
She is celebrating her birthday with her class.

Ginny and I are going to the vet soon.

I played ringtones for her and she loved them.


I like her very soft ears.
Katie likes her whole head.

It's a cute head.

Happy Tuesday before Christmas.

Off to the vet.


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