Thursday, December 01, 2011

Last week I sold my delightful, sharp, sexy time lens to my friend (and student :o) Laura.
The 17-55 2.8 is a wide lens and is very fun to work with. It is, however, not made for the
full frame camera I bought.

Laura mentioned that she was looking for this lens...I told her I would sell her mine.
This would make both of our wishes come true.
She gets a lens.
We get a puppy.

Perfect :o)

Anyway, I wanted to find some pictures to show her my first pictures with the 17-55 on my D80.
So this morning, I went looking thru my Flickr images....

Look what I found.

Best of the worst photos!!!
Close and wide.
The color is crazy, but this made me smile this morning.

Engagement photographer for hire.  ha ha ho ho.

Engagement photographer for hire.



Carrie is serious about this sword fight.
Apparently Katie is not.
Lovely spring in Wisconsin.
But look how much I got in this picture!

Recipe of the week.

We love this chocolate pie.
This close with my other lenses would be just of the pie.

Album Cover shot

I love the bokeh Katie in the background.


With the wide lens you can get arms and legs and everything in the picture.
Look how little.

This is spring 2008.

This either ;o)

Funny shot.


Me and Cindy in Chicago.


That's what a super wide lens like this one can do.
It really is a fun lens. It's a creative tool. I liked it a lot.
Enjoy it Laura!!

Encourage one another,

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