Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

The other night the light coming in the house was that greenish, pinkish, battle gray color.
I went out to try to take it's picture but wasn't having much luck.  It was still and quiet except for the birds.

Across town freakish winds (the rare heat burst) dropped out of the sky and blew power lines down and broke all sorts of things; 80 mile per hour winds.  Woosh.

While in our town.  Still.


You just never know what a day will bring.

Hang. On.


Oh. About American Idol.
Kree and Candice are really both beautiful women with beautiful voices.
Kree is country.
Candice is classic.

The song choices were not the best for me last night.
AND the songs written for the girls were horrible.  I hated them both.
Neither song will be a winner.  Did someone seriously think those were worthy songs.
My favorite song of the night was sung by Candice.  It was the last song.
Now.  I don't see Candice becomming a big star.  Not like Kelly Clarkson.  Candice is quiet and humble.  She really fits the mold of perhaps Celiene or Whitney (not disco Whitney) or Jennifer Hudson but mostly Barbra Streisand.
So I can see Candice singing for movie soundtracks or in Vegas.  But I really don't think she has an acting bone in her no broadway.
Who will American pick....gosh..I do not know!!!
I voted for Candice because I loved her last song.
I do think Kree will have a record and I think she will be successful.

Around and around I go...


Before and After fun.


The sun is shining thru the hole in Katie's ear.  That is not an earring.


Cropped and edited with MCP fusion actions.


Thank you for praying for Katie Wagner.
Please say a prayer for Malachi today....and for Matthew and Melinda.

As 38 Special tells us....

Hold on loosely.
Don't let go.



  1. Hi Donna! Yes, I will pray for baby Malachi and Matthew & Melinda. May God hold them all in the palm of his hand today.

  2. Hold on loosely. Don't let go.

    Perfect words for a mama of older kids!

    Praying for Katie, Malachi and his sweet parents this morning.

    We have rain today after having much warmer temps this last weekend. It must be spring.

    Happy Thursday all,

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I will....

    Bridget in Minnesota

  4. I didn't even watch last night. I forgot about it. I'll have to go find videos to catch up. I won't be home tonight to see the results so I'll count on you to bring me up to date. ;) Praying for Malachi and the family. Love the shot of Katie cropped.
    They call those things microbursts around here. Scary stuff.

  5. I liked the last song Candace sang. I kept waiting to be wowed. It didn't come. I didn't vote. My kids did.

    Prayers for Malachi today. Hope he's ok.

  6. Who did you children vote for?

    1. Candace. They have loved her since the beginning. I liked Angie, probably because I *love* piano music and she is from the town where I went to college.

  7. First things first: praying for Malachi, Melinda and Matthew. And Katie.

    HE is able to do more than we can ask or think. Amen. And He holds it all together. What a comfort that is.

    That photo of Katie in the light is amazing. Truly. I liked the sun and clouds one too. What can I say, I'm a fan :-)

    Lastly, about Idol: I watched their songs this morning on youtube. I must be a big mush for Candice because I thought she did a great job on all 3 -- but especially the last. THAT one really wowed me.

    I thought Kree did a lovely understated job of Angel, and I really liked it. I thought her "made for her" song was pretty good, and I think it would sell. The song she picked (about going up the mountain) was very pretty too and she did beautifully. I guess I'm one of those nice judges.

    But Candice is just better, all around. And who knows, she could come out of her shyness and really blossom. She's done that already on the show. Truly either of them would be a great winner, and they both will do well.

    But I find myself humming the songs by Candice while doing the dishes ;-)

  8. I like Candice. but I like Barbra Streisand, too.

    Not enough to vote.

  9. Praying for Katie, for Malachi, for Melinda, for Matthew. The Lord is near in times of trouble.

    We have a big wedding on Saturday. I've made 150 cookies for Sunday and now I'm making four pecan pies for the wedding reception. Are other parts of the country moving away from wedding cake too? The ladies of our church are making pies for 350 people.

    The COOLEST thing is that Di [a gold star member of the QLCS] — our Di — will be represented at the wedding by her son and daughter-in-law.

    Hold on, indeed.

    1. VERY cool :-)

    2. Anonymous3:44 PM

      That's an awful lot of pie, but such a sweet thing to do!
      Mary Z

    3. This wedding gathering is making my heart ache to see that son-o-mine. So glad Carol will be there to deliver hugs.

      Re: pie vs cake...I am all for any idea that makes weddings beautiful and affordable! Pie for 350. God bless your church community!


  10. Wait a minutes...what is wrong?? Is Malachi in the hospital? Can I help???

    Prayers for all , and respectful of your privacy...

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Prayers for your sweet family, Donna!

  11. Malachi is having tests. He will be fine, we are sure.
    I hear he is handing it very well.

  12. I will pray for Katie as she continues to fight the beast of cancer, and for Malachi and his sweet family as they deal with the testing. God is our rock, indeed.

  13. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Praying for Malachi! Hope all goes well and he is soon home snuggling with his parents...

    The sun shining through Katie's ear is pretty cool, but your picture of the sky is stunning. I agree, the weather is so wacky lately.

    Love me some 38 Special! :)

    Mary Z

  14. I finally got to check your blog today after a couple weeks away. I had my baby boy on May 1, and knew I was due around the same time as Melinda. Congrats! We are having our own struggles- my little Asher won't breastfeed, so I'm having to pump every couple hours and bottle feed- it's seems like all I do! And it's been really hard on my 4-year-old to have mommy occupied ALL the time. So, I'm saying a prayer for your family and whatever challenges try are facing, and would appreciate any prayers that readers want to offer up for us. Babies are such a blessing, but wow- what an overwhelming time this is!!

    1. Jessica,
      I remember having a terrible time nursing my third baby. I had two older children who were under three...and I was asked to nurse every hour and pump in between. I had no help with the other two, and within days I started bottle feeding. I wish I had known that it would all be okay, because it very much was. You are in my prayers this morning.


  15. Dear Jessica,
    It is overwhelming. Those first few months are so hard. Katie would not nurse and I gave up pumping in less than a week. It is so hard. You are doing a wonderful thing to give your Asher some of momma's milk. Don't push yourself too hard. Mother's milk is best...but look how cute Katie turned out :o)
    Congrats on your sweet little boy! Take care.

    1. As I sit here and pump (again) I am brought to tears by the kindness of strangers! Thank you all for your encouragement!

  16. Dear Jessica, God bless you and give you daily strength. And bless your little 4 year old too :-) And of course the baby.

    I love what Donna said -- look how cute Katie turned out (so true!) We do the best we can, and leave the rest up to the one who can give us His perfect peace. hugs.


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