Friday, May 17, 2013

I just saw this picture this morning.
Isn't it sweet?


The Boucher boys
Part Two.


The Boucher boys
part one

Oh. I wish for Malachi and Asher to have as much fun as Patrick and Matthew.
And I wish for Melinda to have as much fun as I did.

Once you get over the birthing, no sleeping part...

It's gonna be great!


Candice won American Idol.
Best Wishes!!!
Her voice is gorgeous.
May all her musical dreams come true.

(She tried out three times.  Simon told her 'I don't see a star, I see someone singing in restaurants and bars'.  Then she tried out last year and was cut early on.  She tried again this year.  Just three weeks ago she was in the bottom two.)

The little engine that could.

I like that.


For heavens sake

I made the buckeyes.
Or should I say, I fought the chocolate and the chocolate won.

What a mess.
What a hassle.

Why is chocolate so difficult?


The dark brown blobs have been delivered to the school.
They taste good.
They look ridiculous.

Thanks to my friends on FB who talked me down from the ledge and sent in
many good tips which helped me finish the dipping (ha) process.





I read a book and the author said he went to 'heaven'.
He said that he could hear and feel the prayers of people praying...
carrying him along.

Or something like that.

I like to think that is true.


Lots of love to all.


  1. Hello Donna - I love when I sit down and find you here. So much to love in this quiet corner of the world. Especially the Max Lucado quote. I think I need to write this in my special journal.

    The buckeyes are hilarious - I'm sorry, I should not laugh because I'm sure you were sputtering and saying your own special swear words (Dan!) and maybe even more !!

    Your sons, and your grandsons: PRECIOUS.

    Finally, I listend to Candice and Jennifer Hudson sing on youtube and it gave me CHILLS. Chills I tell you. Amazing vocals, amazing control - and you know what? Candice looked relaxed and like a star. SO glad she won.

    Did you notice how she pointed to the heavens when she sang "HE thinks I'm beautiful?" ;-) I am also glad she gave it another try. What a wonderful life lesson for all of us.

    As usual, I have written a book. xxx

    1. I like reading your books. It's part of the whole QLCS experience :)

    2. Aww, thanks.

      And a wonderful experience it is to be part of this community :-)

    3. Anonymous11:49 AM


      Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Candice sounded better than Jennifer. Jennifer was screaming.

    My favorite duet was Angie and Adam. Go google that one. Super good.

    I like your books.

  3. Angie and Adam was the only thing a caught - and I have to agree. It was pretty great.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. I respect your opinion. lots.

      btw. singing lessons for katie this summer.
      want to do it?

    2. {{{LIKE}}} the idea of this!!!!!

    3. Ooo! I likey. Let us discuss. Couldn't be weekly, but could be some consistent coaching.... Hmmm.......

  4. Love this post!!!!! Great, just great!

    And, I love her hair...up there in the first pic! :-)

  5. YES, I listened to Angie and Adam too - they were fabulous. What a great match (vocally) for Angie. Both have such an outstanding range.

    I loved Candice better than Jennifer - but when they sang together, harmonized, it gave me chills. I was struck with how relaxed Candice looked and how the quality, the tone of her voice was purer than Jennifer. And oh the key change - just made me smile.

    Like I said before, I am a mush for Candice.

  6. So much to say. I love the photo of you and the boys.... so sweet. So young. I haven't followed Idol this year, so I'm going over to You Tube to check out the singing.... Just hearing her story, I do love that Candice won. Max Lucado's quote.... I need to be reminded again and again. It's perfect!!

    OK, now to get to the important stuff..... here in the Sparks house, we call those Peanut Butter Balls. Did you put Rice Krispies in the peanut butter mixture? MMMMMMM! My mouth is watering just thinking about these deadly things.

    I have a problem with chocolate in the microwave, and because it needs to stay "dippable" I use a double boiler. I also use paraffin wax in the chocolate. We do this every Christmas. I don't care how they look, I bet they tasted amazing!!


  7. What a beautiful family you have.
    And taste is all that matters, not looks. To me anyway :)

  8. Melinda looks SO good in the photos (and how cute are the boys -- all of them).

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. Melinda looks fantastic! How did the baby's testing go?

    I have tried to find you on FB and have been unable to do so. If I had seen your post, I would have replied:

    When we make buckeyes(we call them chcolate covered peanut butter balls!), we put them in the freezer on a cookie sheet for about 1/2 hour before we coat them. After we coat them they go back into the freezer until the chocolate sets. They never look like the pictures, but they taste yummy.

    Does Candace spell her name with and "a" or an "i" ??? I missed part of the show, and now I must go look up the Angie/Adam duet. I really liked Angie.

    Did you ladies hear that several of the Idol contestants this year professed to being Christians? I am sure Candace is one of them.

    Have a lovely weekend, Donna and all the QL readers.

  10. I "liked" you on Facebook (under another name) but never see your posts. I suspect that is true with others I have liked. I will admit I have liked a ridiculous amount of people/places since joining. I wonder if that is the reason?
    Love the saying and LOVE the pics. Your mom would be so proud. I TRULY believe we are carried by prayers. One of the real, true things about It's a Wonderful Life, when all those prayers are going up for George Bailey. I know every word is heard and written in The Book of Life.

    1. I also "liked" Donna's FB page, but it's her photography page.

      Do you have another page, Donna?

  11. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The mom/boys pix are great, but the thing that tugged on my heart the most is Asher pulling on his little finger. It just looks so sweet! And Patrick holding on to your arm with all his might, too. Adorable.

    I would have no trouble eating those peanut butter balls. Ever since you posted the peanut butter/butterscotch rice krispie treat recipe a long time ago, that is such a family favorite. We're going to a dinner party tonight and I'm on for bringing an appetizer. I asked Greg what he has a taste for, and he asked for those. He said if I cut them up small enough, they could be an appetizer. :)

    Love the ML quote and love the story of Candice's perserverance. Happy weekend to all!

    Mary Z

  12. Cece, if I didn't recognize your name then I wouldn't befriend you. Let me know and I will allow.

  13. May He always hear you prayers dear Donna.

  14. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I said a prayer for Malachi, Matthew and Melinda last night. And for the other mom in the comment section who just had a baby, too.
    On another note, when I saw your picture of the buckeyes on instagram last night...I laughed out loud. (I was laughing with you, not at you) Oh gosh, I could feel your "pain" through the picture and your comment. Too.funny.
    Have a good weekend!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  15. I found you---I signed up under your photog Facebook page. Last post on there was Nov.2012 I had to scroll through 380 LIKES to find you LOL !! I don't know why they don't put these things in Alpha order. Would you post your other FB name, so I can get posts from you, and also read the different ideas the girls have on Buckeyes? My initials will be SW. There is a goofy reason for this !!

  16. I am Donna Boucher on Facebook.

    I don't go to the biz page much.

  17. My goodness---I always thought your name was so unusual. There are so many with your name.

  18. loved this post and the picture of the Boucher boys. About prayers. When we tell someone we will pray for them, we had better do it. Who knows what our prayers accomplish, but we must be faithful. HE is listening, always.

  19. Your grandboys are sooooo sweet :-)

    I've been looking for just the right quote about prayer and found it here! Perfect! So thank you Donna and Max :-)

    Tammy ~@~

  20. Love those sweet pictures so much!!
    I am very sorry about the naughty chocolate!

  21. Your grandchildren are adorable!!!!


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