Thursday, May 09, 2013

I love this dog.

Oh my gosh. I love this dog.

I love this picture because;

1. Ginny's focus on that bit of food in Katie's hand is remarkable.
2. Her tail cracks me up.
3. She is so big.
4. Katie's leg mimics Ginny's tail.
5. Katie is unfazed.
6. Her hears are adorable.
7. Ginny's, not Katie's.

There are few pictures that have made me giggle and smile as much as this one has.

I love her, after all.

With love,
Ginny's mom and leader of the pack.

p.s.  Do you think I can remove that tag from the red pillow?


  1. Hello! I love love love this photo too. Ginny is a hoot and so darling.

    Her left leg and foot are sort of tucked under her, yes? The concentration and ability to hold this pose is truly impressive!

    (I know some people don't let their animals on the furniture but that has never been true in our case. Not when I was growing up, and certainly not with my own dogs. It helped that my first was a dachshund!)

  2. Thanks for making me smile this morning. Dogs are wonderful. Wouldn't it be fun for our dogs to meet one day? I think Tica and Ginny would be good friends.


  3. Love it. The look on Ginny's face - wow.

    I was married before I realized you could take those consumer tags off the mattress and comforter!

  4. Read your post and went over and gave my own little puppy (an 8-year-old rescue) some loving ... she's the BEST girl in the entire universe! Love her tons ... she has added SO much to our lives.

  5. BTW ... the pillow police will NOT knock on your door if you remove that tag ... promise!

  6. Amy J in WI11:10 AM

    Hi Donna,

    I have been out of the loop for a bit...Ginny looks like a good dog. You are a kind dog mom to let her up on the couch :).

    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of your newest grandbaby. is a wonderful life, isn't it?

  7. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Love this photo! Besides the intensity of her gaze, Ginny's tail cracked me up, too! What a sweet dog you have there!

    Krista in Missouri

  8. Ginny is adorable, and I really love how unimpressed Katie is by Ginny's determination. And I love that Ginny matches your move if the dog gets to be on the furniture! (said the owner of the white and black dog who sleeps on the green couch.)

    Man! are Katie's legs long.

    Yes, remove the tag. You Can Do It.


    1. So true, dogs should always match their sofa :-)

    2. I have three nieces whose legs are so, so, so long ... have NO idea where they got it because their mother and aunts aren't so blessed! LOL

  9. Cyndi K G11:58 AM

    I love the composition of this -- the faces as well as the parallel leg and tail. You have wonderful pictures to record special and ordinary moments and you have inspired me to be better about taking photos myself!

  10. Such concentration and longing...
    And, Katie, not worried, in the least, that Ginny's nose is mere centimeters from her food...

    Such a funny picture!!

  11. What a cute picture!

    When you asked about the tag, at first I wasn't sure if you were talking about physically removing it or just removing it from the image, haha. :)

  12. Anonymous1:55 PM

    This is such a great photo! I also love Katie and Emma in the background. Not everyone can photo bomb themselves! :)

    Mary Z

  13. You are so funny! LOL about the tag on the pillow. Yes, yes you can remove it. ;)

  14. Oh my gosh noooooooo if you cut the tag the pillow/mattress thugs will kick in your door!

  15. The tag is off the pillow.

    1. I knew you could do it, Donna B!

  16. Under penalty of law you can!

  17. I am glad you have Ginny : )
    And Katie.
    And your sweet husband.
    A happy family indeed.


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