Thursday, May 30, 2013

How I loved Richard Scary



Who did NOT have this book?

Do you know the bunny's name?

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Here is a really adorable costume.

Why are people so clever?

Happy Thursday!
One more day of school....and then....


Encourage one another and have fun!


  1. We so not have that book but should as I have a Nicholas!!! One more day here too! Eeeek!

  2. That costume is absolutely adorable. What sweetness! : )
    One more day for Katie! Oh my! I am so happy for her!
    Kaish has 7 more days.
    He is excited for this weekend.
    Some of his "friends" are sleeping over.
    These are the same kids that are mean to him at school but nice in the neighborhood.
    I don't understand boys. I give them talks every time I see them and I think things will be better...but they are not. Ay yi yi!

    Happy second to the last day of school. Love, Becky

  3. That book is permanently on our nightstand. It's one of Ford's favorites. I love how sweet it is. I loved the little mail a little pic when you posted it on Pinterest. So very cute and sweet. :)

  4. Amy J in WI9:44 AM

    I had a book volume of Richard Scary stories as a kid....loved it! I think my mom still has it sitting around.

    Enjoy the end of the school year. We are done on Friday as well. was a tough one.

  5. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I don't know why people are so clever. It's amazing, isn't it?
    I'm gonna take your word and have some fun today. I was just feeling a bit dreary with all the monotonous daily chores I have to do and the cloudy, rainy weather yet again. Sophia and I will have a fun day! Amen.

    Happy Summer Vacation to all of the Quiet Life kids out there! So exciting!!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. Isn't it Scarry? I thought so. I always thought it was funny because his books are so NOT scary. :) We don't have any of his story books, but several of the 'How Things Work' books which are simply awesome. Different kinds of cars, vehicles, etc. My 4 year old loves it!

    We have school until next Thursday. I'm always the mom who dreads summer, and I'm not sure why. I wish it wasn't true of me. But it is. You can pray for me if you think of it! I love my kids and I love being with them but for some reason I set things up for failure or something when summer comes. It's just such a shocking change from the rest of the year, I guess.

    [reading this back it sounds ridiculous. But I'm leaving it up because I love the QLCS and someone will have something wise to say that will help!]


    1. Steph, I'm the same way. Mine are 2-11 and I think we all just end up missing the routine of the school year. We're routine people. That, and I hate turning into a drill sergeant, which always seems to happen in the summer. And somehow, I always manage to gain about 10 lbs over them summer (the same 10 pounds that I had gained the summer before and then lost again over the course of the school year). I just try to set up as much of a schedule as I can. Swim team practice takes up most of the morning, then it's back home for lunch, quiet/nap times, the kids all (except the 2 year-old) have specific chores they're responsible for completing throughout the week... It's the best I can do and that's all I can do. Good luck!!

    2. I remember way back when, back in the day -- when I had a love/hate relationship with summer vacation. I get what you mean, and my heart is with you. No wise words here, just a virtual hug ;-)

  7. stephie---you took the words right outta my mouth, yet I wasn't "brave" enough to utter them. I, too, dread the summer routine mostly. I love love my kiddos, but it's the change, I think, and the constant of everyone home and now I'm the entertainer and I'm not such a good entertainer. I don't like choas--go figure, I had FOUR kids--????
    Ho Hum--we will survive, have fun, and by the end of summer I won't want them to return to school. It's the circle...... Good luck all you QL mamas!

    1. I have four too - 4-14. I'm so glad you understand me!

    2. I have such ambivalent feelings about summer. The heat just DOES.ME.IN. And we are a family that does ruts really the free flow of summer stresses some of us (cough husband) which ends up stressing all of us. We are going to have a strategy session this weekend so we can get our hopes and expectations out in the open. At least then we will know why we're stressed (-: Knowledge is power, right?

      This is our last week of my husband's school year, and we will continue homeschooling until MADELAINE'S COLLEGE GRADUATION on June 14th. It's been a grueling year for my hubby, and I am really ready to be done with the homeschool side for a few months, so I am THRILLED for those reasons.

      Call me conflicted. But know that I will be praying for all of us to be as fun as we possibly can be, as patient as we will need to be, and as creative as we must be with the limitations in front of us. We Can Do It! GO QLCS! (Sorry...I think I am permanently stuck on "cheer" from all the hours of hoops in my life (-:)

      Richard Scarry...LOVE HIM. I have spent days and weeks of my life reading him. Pig Will and Pig Won't...makes me laugh just to type that.


      (p.s. Tawnya: I found my inner introvert after my 5th child was born. I TOTALLY get what you are saying (-:)

  8. Oh my... schools here are not getting out until ...dun DUN DUN.......the end of June or beginning of JULY! Can you even imagine? I would just cry! Loved Richard Scary. Sweet little creatures.

    1. Cyndi K G6:56 PM

      Our last day is June 28th!! And we had to attend school on a Saturday to get out that "early"!!! It was painful.

  9. SonjaSunshine10:33 AM

    Thank you for the sweet, cheerful post. It brightened my day. I don't feel like thinking real hard today :-)

  10. That book is a favorite of my family and my sister was so excited to give me a copy for my baby shower. LOVE IT! My kiddo's last day is tomorrow... I am ready for a slower pace....

  11. Janice10:41 AM

    I don't remember that book but we had Richard Scary's Big Book of Words and I poured through it over and over. I loved the illustrations.

    1. We had this one too (BBofW) - plus How Things Work. I absolutely loved it when my children would pick these -- I never tired of his illustrations. LOVE Richard Scarry.

  12. Dreading the loss of routine here, too. I work at home and I like quiet to do my writing and editing...Doesn't bode well with my teen who likes to blast awful music. I'm not a good entertainer, and I dread the string of gray, cold days that come with June--the June gloom--when everyone else gets to wear shorts I pull out my sweaters. It looks like my teen may have a job this summer--so that's positive.


  13. I gotta say, I love living in an empty nest. Loved raising my kids, but love that I've worked my way out of that job :-)

    1. Not me. I wish I had a bunch more.

    2. I love that, Donna. You are such a great mom. And I love what you said, Susan, about seasons. I totally agree!!!

    3. Our hearts desire... Whatever that may be...
      Complicated things.

    4. Anonymous10:12 PM

      I had so much trouble to have the two kids I do have... and I truly feel blessed by them, but I so wish I could have had two or three more! Now my "baby" is 17 and will have her final day of her junior year tomorrow. I'm already so worried about a year from now when she graduates and goes off to college. I could cry (and I have!) thinking about it. You give my hope, Susan, that maybe I'll enjoy the empty nest more than I think I will. :)

      Mary Z

    5. Good Morning -- I had my 3 kids in 4 years! It was wonderfully intense but then the season passed -- I think it helped that once they were all in (or graduated) from University was the same time I began this adventure over here :-)

      Donna, you are a wonderful mama!

      Good news: I have found "adopted" nieces and nephews over here - oh what joy they bring :-)

      up early, time for coffee

    6. Mary, for me it was a time to re-invent myself a little.

      But it's only right to feel sad about the coming departure. I remember so well when we took our older daughter to College - mourning her leaving was only fitting; it honors our relationships to do so.

      p.s. there are so many great universities in the greater Chicago area -- maybe she will be close :-)

    7. "it honors our relationships to do so."

      One more chance to hear life-changing words in the QLCS!

      Thanks, Swiss Twin!


  14. Still have both those books...LOVED them too! Classics. And it is classic that on the 1st day of summer vacation, there is some anticipation and hesitation...all wrapped into one. Not sure who loves it more...the teachers, the children or the parents!

  15. Anonymous3:41 PM

    My first two children were Huckle and Lowly for Halloween, one year!

    I love everything Richard Scarry ever wrote!!!!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  16. WOW Happy YEar end for Katie and for a busy mom who supports all things school!

  17. Dawn K6:43 PM

    OMG, this was my favorite book when I was little!! In fact, before I scrolled down on your Blog, I began to recite to myself: "I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree . . ."

  18. Cyndi K G6:52 PM

    I loved "I Am A Bunny" too! We bought the book for our first child ... then another for our fifth because the first one had fallen apart! Great literature!

  19. I loved reading Richard Scarry to my children! Such great books!

  20. We are all done!! Woooo!

    I loved Richard Scarry! My kids have loved him too. My youngest likes to watch Busy Town and it's cute.

  21. I read "Postman Pig and his Busy Neighbors" over and over to our oldest when he was little.

  22. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Our favorite Richard Scarry book was "Best Word Book Ever". Imagine me in my most animated voice turning each page and asking "where's that bug?" The kids loved it and remember it to this day. I'm pretty sure the book survived basement storage and the move. If not, I will be buying another copy for each set of future grandchildren. 😊

    Enjoy summer! Our pool is ready and warm and I am ready to enjoy!

    Sandy C


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