Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yes. I did.


Yes.  I did get a few pictures with the baby.
Matthew took this.
Some of them are amusing.
All unflattering.
But I was there.
And that's all I remember.


I like this picture.
Asher if full of life and spunk.

See Baby Malachi

A few days later....

He sure has a cute voice :o)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. He is so cute !! Did he seem at all jealous? My daughter was 3 when my son was born and immediately fell into mommy mode. She was my little helper. I enjoyed your article on PW's site !

  2. Thank you Cece.
    It is taking some adjusting. Asher likes to kiss him but does not want to hold him.

    1. My son was three when my daughter was born and he didn't want to hold her really at all (still not a big fan of holding babies--but then again thats something my Dad never outgrew...he is still a nervous wreck holding babies lol). I never thought it was jealousy, but I just don't see the same nurturing tendencies with a boy like I did with my niece.. maybe I am off the mark. He kissed her and such but didn't think she did very much until she was able to sit up on her own on the floor... and then he went into total big brother mode... here let me hand you this toy, do you want this? etc.... it was cute

  3. AH! I love this of Asher. He's wearing one of Ezra's old shirts and that just about makes me cry. He is just a darling young man! Love you, MS. All of you guys!

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    What a sweetheart, your Asher. And, what lovely photographs of you with Malachi & Daddy and Asher. We prayed for the young family this AM on our walk. Asher does have a cute voice and so does his Yaya!
    love and prayers, jep

  5. Perfect! Love hearing you interact with Asher. He has gorgeous eyes!

    How's Melinda managing with 2 little ones?

  6. I'm so glad you embedded the videos - for some reason my ancient of days laptop does not want to play "vine" videos. Asher is a darling and he has a very cute voice :-)

    Malachi is darling, too - and I personally love the photo of you holding him. ""YES to being in the picture! Yay for Yaya :-)

  7. funknitter11:58 AM

    OM Gosh! Congratulations to your whole family on the birth of Malachi!

    Your photos of your precious grandsons are amazing! The videos really do highlight Asher....he still has that perfect Gerber baby face.

  8. Donna,
    The photo of you and Malachi is lovely. We are so hard on ourselves in photos. What I see is *love.*


  9. You are one beautiful Yaya, Donna.

    Will watch videos later, but had to share the love.


  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I'm smiling. : ) Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  11. Those little snippets of video are wonderful. I find those are the ones I cherish the most. His little voice is so cute as is he. Did you get a picture of you with the two grandsons? I don't have a picture of me and my granddaughters at all. I need to remedy that.

  12. I love how Asher jumps as he says go see baby Malachi! Both times!! Blessings to you sweet Donna.

  13. O DOnna, I LOVE all pictures of you. Dont' say that about you. I CAN SAY THAT about ME! I have to lose some weight. Do you think IF I drink tons of water I can still eat like a piggy and lose some weight? I hate the ICKYliptical as I call it. I do get on it on most days, but I eat way more than i BURN.

    THe baby is adorable. THe toddler is too cute. Your girls best not move away and have grans too.

  14. I think you look wonderful and happy. I, however, do not really like having my picture taken. :) Happy to see more photos. You have beautiful grand-babies.

  15. I think you look wonderful and happy. I, however, do not really like having my picture taken. :) Happy to see more photos. You have beautiful grand-babies.

  16. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Oh, yes, that little voice! Soooo cute! Love how he's holding the train, too. I so miss having a little one...

    Mary Z

  17. YAY! Thank you for being a wonderful example of getting in the picture :-) My kids were looking through photo albums on Mothers Day for individual pictures of them with mom. Ohhhhh, boy......those are very rare! How I regret that now :::sigh:::

    Live and learn all you young mamas!

    Tammy ~@~

  18. Great day, Asher is a gorgeous kid.
    I am so happy that you got to hold the baby. What sweet precious moments. Love, love that new baby everything. :)
    And unflattering, my patootie. You are a lovely woman. I have decided to embrace (Okay, to really, really try to embrace) all of the elements of growing older. The alternative is not growing older, and we all know how that happens. Ahem. So, getting older is a wonderful thing. :)

  19. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Ah, Donna. Another Treasure to enjoy! Congratulations on the safe arrival of another GrandBaby!


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