Friday, May 31, 2013

Charlie Haughey. Photographer. Vet. Friend.

Watch this beautiful story.
Touched my heart.

We love to sing along with Kacey Musgraves.


Happy Birthday Patrick.
It's been fun.

Loads of love!


Happy Friday!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. Will I be the first to post a comment ? :)
    So, big hugs to you, Donna and joyeux anniversaire to Patrick !

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Happy birthday to your adorable, ginger, buckethead firstborn!! He's the kid who started you on this mom journey that you love so well -- and do so well.

    Mary Z

    1. He sure is.
      Thank you Mary.
      Thank you Patrick :o)

  3. Happy birthday to him!

  4. The handsome boy working on his motorcycle and friend of Charlie Haughey is my oldest son, Kris. Months ago he sat on my couch with his laptop sorting the 1700 digital photos and excitedly telling us about his new friend and discovery of the photos. It's been quite a ride! They are now working on self-publishing a book with more of the touching photos. My son is a fantastic photographer too and used his knowledge to get the whole project done. I am very proud of him. Charlie is a wonderful, humble guy and has been a great friend to my son also.

    1. DOUBLE WOW!!

      Thank you to Kris for his work and encouragement.

      I think these photos will be used to heal many broken hearts.

    2. Oh my goodness. That is just remarkable. I thought he was such a nice...and handsome young man. I thought...too bad he is in Oregon and not Chicago :o)
      What a wonderful blessing that Charlie and Kris were neighbors. Serendipity.

      Thank you for sharing!!
      Hello to Mr. Haughey and your dear boy, Kris!!!

    3. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Charlie's story and photographs moved me to tears. What a sweet and humble man. And what a beautiful job he did of capturing a place and time with his exceptional black and white photos. Clayvessel, I love that it is your son in the video. He seems like a wonderful young man. The Internet can make a big world seem so small and accessible. This really blessed me today.
      Debbie Z.

    4. Thank you. I'm pretty proud of my boy. He just wrote this on his facebook, I thought you'd like it-

      "Charlie and I were interviewed by a local talk radio show this morning. Afterward, Charlie mentioned that he was glad that the DJs spent some time talking to me about my role in the project. I told Charlie that I don't deserve the spotlight, that this is all him. He said "I just discovered the iron mine. You're the one who refined it... and built a rocket and flew to the moon. I walked in with a bunch of red sh** on my boots and you said 'Hey, is that iron ore?'"

      "And now we landed on the moon."

      Classic Charlie Haughey."

    5. Also, Donna, if you would like to get a better look at the photos, there is a flickr page

      and my son also writes on a blog about it. In the early posts he transcribed some of the fascinating stories Charlie told. My son is a wonderful writer too. :-) Blog-

    6. Anonymous4:09 PM

      That is wonderful to have the story be so personal for us here in the QLCS. Thanks Clayvessel for sharing. You have a thoughtful and caring son. love and prayers, jep

    7. I will go and look at the pictures and Kris' blog right now!!!
      Thank you!

    8. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Clayvessel, I echo everyone else's sentiments. Wow. Wow. Wow. Charlie's story and your lovely son's part in it, are so moving. Wiping tears as I write. Congrats on having such a talented and giving son.
      Mary Z

    9. clayvessel, I love this! How cool that you read here and Donna posted this today. Your son is very talented!

    10. I have been reading your son's blog and looking at the photos, and I am undone. I've smiled, been in tears...I have to stop so I can go to bed (My daughter has an 8am softball game tomorrow!! Who schedules 8am games on Saturday?!), but I don't want to!
      You are right...Kris is an exceptional writer, and Charlie's words are phenomenal too. I feel so honored to get to see these images and read some of what he has to say. And I think it's wonderful what Kris has given to Mr. Haughey.

    11. Clayvessel, I just watched the clip again. This is a wonderful story and you should be very proud of your son. My husband is passionate about photography and I know he is going to enjoy learning about Charlie, too.

  5. Donna,
    You break my heart open every day. Now that my son is a Marine, I found Charlie's story particularly moving. He is one of the "guys." Thank you.

    Happy Birthday, Patrick. Happy Friday.


    1. sending a "hug" to you Alison

      and echoing you, too -- Happy Birthday Patrick!

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      Alison, we prayed for your son on our prayer walk this morning. Please pass along our thanks for his service! love and prayers, jep

    3. How long has your son been a Marine, Alison? One of my sons is also a Marine!

      Happy Birthday to Patrick! Today my granddaughter is 5 and her other grama also was born today and tomorrow is my birthday! Great time of year for a birthday!

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Happy Birthday Patrick and thank you Miz Boo for being here. Makes my day! love and prayers, jep

  7. Happy Birthday to Patrick!
    That video about the photographer made me cry. His pictures are truly amazing. I have a cousin who was in Iraq, in Fallujah, at one of the worst times. He was so young and his life has been changed forever. He is making it, and has a family, and I love him to death and am so, so proud of him. I can't imagine what all is hiding in Mr. Haughey's heart and mind, things that he has had to wall off, as he said. He captured some amazing images, but there are images that are always with him that he never caught on film and likely wishes he never had to see. I pray that the young man who helped him get his photos on display can also be a part of his healing journey. He seems like a perceptive and compassionate person. (I don't know...what can you tell from a four minute video...I think it takes a special person to show interest like that, especially these days, though.)

  8. I just love it that the mother of the young man has read this and posted comments!! How special! And what a wonderful son she has!!
    Okay. I'm crying again. I better get to bed soon!

    1. {{{LIKE}}}

      good night to you Christina - you are truly a night owl :-)

      Drinking my first cup of coffee over here in Zurich!


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