Saturday, February 15, 2014


My Matthew. 20 years ago. Cracks me up.

Matthew made this bookmark around 20 years ago.
While this sentiment is is funny that he would write it about himself.  I have a feeling he was snickering while he wrote it down.



  1. Hilarious.

    The other day Madelaine was bemoaning that Brennan was going to be gone for four days. "I didn't move home just so you could LEAVE, Bren!" And Brennan responded with, "Well, I guess I get to be a ray of sunshine in someone else's life for a few days." Such a knucklehead.

    That bookmark is really classic. Won't your grandboys love it someday?

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Ha! That's really funny. Ray of Sunshine!!!

  3. Mementos are my favorite and this one is a charmer. Most of the ones I kept from my boys were made under threats from their mother but we have a wonderful homemade card signed 'Your son Krik' :)

  4. My daughter Allison gave me a handmade birthday card when she was about 5 - she taught herself to read and write about the same time (smart little cookie). It said: "I love you so much and you know that. You are speyshul to me". I keep it in my Bible.

    I love this bookmark, Donna. Like Di said, your grandsons will get a kick out of it when they are older.

  5. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I love it! That bookmark is priceless. I have one my son made me in first grade and like you, Susan, I keep it in my Bible. It says I love you, but the e at the end of love is balancing on top of the v and his signature slants waaaay downhill. I treasure it. Such things mean more to a mother's heart than expensive things ever could.

    Debbie Z.

    1. LOVE this. their little kid handwriting is priceless.

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM

    What a special bookmark. Those precious hand made items are the best from our children
    One of our sons would leave notes around the house when he was little and would go out to his tree house to play saying, "I am outside in my tree house if you miss me. I love you." I keep those little pieces of paper in my top bureau drawer and pull them out to read at times. It is the little, special things like Matthew's bookmark that make our lives sweet and give us a glimpse of what God must think about us…He loves us and thinks we are special each one of us.
    love and prayers, jep

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Love it!!! I have one my son made for me many years ago with a scripture on it and his own little makes me smile. I need to laminate it.
    It is also sweetness for my soul as he is close to turning 19 and very much the prodigal son...praying, praying.

    Love your blog.
    Keep being real :)

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Precious. Matthew looks pretty buff and is rocking the sideways cap! :)

    Mary Z

  9. That is so funny. What a sweet kid : ).

  10. Awww...I have a bookmark my oldest son made me when he was 9 maybe. I still use it to this day. :)


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