Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Easy Chef returns. Crockpot Turkey.

On Tuesday night I was on the phone with my sister Cindy.  She told me that when she visited our nieces up in Minocqua she brought her crockpot turkey.

Crockpot turkey??

What is that?

And then she recited the recipe to me and it was music to my ears.

Turkey and a stick of butter.


"It's delicious!" she said!

And I believed her...because she is my sister and she knows what tastes good.
And I was more than intrigued....because I have a house full of fussy eaters and there is no way that turkey and a stick of butter could offend any one!!!

So I made it yesterday.

I bought a frozen turkey breast with the bones in from Target.  I let it thaw for a day.

I stuffed the turkey in my old, small crockpot and then I added the butter.
The top would not go on with the butter in one piece so I cut it in smaller pieces.
I sprinkled a little Johnny's seasoning (this is a Wisconsin thing) on top and turned it on high.

It cooked on high from 9 am until 4 pm.  Then I took out the bones.  I gently lifted the pieces of turkey onto a plate and fished the bones out of the pot.  I didn't want ANY bones in the turkey so I put the juice thru a strainer.  This worked perfectly.  Then I poured that flavorful juice back in the crockpot and returned the tender meat also.  I shredded the turkey and put the crockpot on Low.

The meat was very moist and flavorful!!

If you need more moisture add a little chicken broth.

Cindy learned this recipe from her husband Pat's family.  Aunt Roxie's Crockpot Turkey.
We think the bones along with the butter give this dish it's great taste!

Oh!  I forgot to tell you.  Cindy said they eat this with hamburger buns.  She has them plain, Pat adds barbecue sauce.  

As I thought about serving this to my family I thought Katie would like it better in a flour tortilla with a little mild cheese on it.  She did.  She ate it.  Big deal.

My Patrick had his on a bun as did I.  I added a little cheese to mine.


Have you ever made this? ever heard of it?

I  highly recommend it.

Thanks Aunt Roxie!

Happy easy cooking!


  1. Everyone ate it! Yahoo!

    I don't know why I have this, "Turkey is only for Thanksgiving" block in my thinking. And stuffing. Why do I only make it on Thanksgiving? Besides the fact that it is a lot of work and requires a bunch of stuff I don't normally have in the pantry, that is.

    Let's hear it for easy cooking. I need a hamburger meat easy cooking recipe for today. Any ideas, QLCS?

    Happy Thursday!


    1. Meat loaf. (egg, crackers, seasoning, chili sauce on top)

    2. Yummo, then you have meatloaf sandwiches. Mmmm meat.

    3. Anonymous12:55 PM

      We like taco salad at our house…little bit of trouble shredding the lettuce, cheese, cutting up the onion etc., but taste so good!

  2. Sounds great Donna!

    I remember a beloved restaurant ages ago (except I can't recall the name) that had Turkey Dips (instead of French Dips) - by the way do people still eat French Dips? Anyway ...

    The buns were toasted and you dipped it in BBQ sauce and it was so yummy.

    Now I am hungry!!

    Side note: it's a bummer at times to be married to a vegetarian :-/

    1. I love French Dips! All that salty broth!

      I have the flip problem, Susan. It's a bummer at times to be married to a man who requires meat at every meal. I've tried countless times to slide something past him and he'll raise his eyebrow and ask, "Where's the meat?" I keep a pouch of bacon bits in the fridge and sometimes sprinkle three on a dish; then I give him the wide-eyed look and say, "No, I put bacon in it!" ;)

    2. Awesome.

      I sometimes sneak bacon (only they call it pancetta over here: fancy!) into soup and my husband does that same eyebrow action. Hehe. Luckily he is a sometimes "flexitarian" and is a pretty good sport about it.

    3. Anonymous11:01 AM

      I love French Dips!

      Sarah P.

    4. French dips for the win! Love 'em.


    5. I have fond memories of French Dips. In fact, when we were newlyweds, hubby was still a meat eater, and we went out for lunch one day ... the waiter held out the plate and asked "Dip" ? hubby raised his hand - "here" he said. I fell over laughing :-P

  3. YAY for easy. Oh. yes.

    Donna, you introduced me to Ree's steak bites which are a staple in our house. I have a freezer full of roasts, and we have them once a week.

    Crockpot turkey looks like a WINNER. I actually have chicken thighs in the fridge. I'll try them with half a stick of butter.

    Do you discard the turkey skin?

    1. Yes...the skin goes with the bones. Turkey dip. That's good.

  4. Im going to try that turkey mmmm and buttah!

    I tried crock pot spaghetti the other nights..mmmm and no boiling the pasta or making a bunch of messy pans.. :)

  5. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Oh, thank you for the easy recipe!! I've been somewhat in a recipe slump and am looking for EASY. My family will love this!!

    How many lbs. was the turkey breast?

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  6. I haven't heard of this. But, thanks to you, I've heard of it now AND I'm going to make it very soon. I love easy. I love tasty. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I will try this! For those who mentioned French dip I have the easiest crockpot recipe:

    One 4 lb beef roast, whatever you like, top sirloin is lean and good
    1/2 cup soy sauce

    Put the roast in the crockpot and pour the soy sauce over. Add water to cover the roast halfway. Cook on low 8 hours.

    Shred the beef and serve on French rolls or other buns. Strain broth and use for dipping.

    Do NOT forget the water! (Ask how I know)

    Sandy C

    1. How do you know? (Sorry for that, I have a terrible sense of humor and couldn't NOT post this.)

  8. Sounds delicious. Going to call my mom and share with her because this is right up her alley.

  9. Anonymous12:56 PM

    We love turkey at our house and eat it year round. I am going to try this recipe soon!
    Thanks Chef Donna! love and prayers, jep

  10. When we ate meat, we did this in the nesco it's two turkey breasts, two sticks of butter,two envelopes of onion soup mix. Yum - o!!

  11. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Dear Easy Chef,

    This sounds easy enough that even I should be able to pull it off!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Mary Z

  12. Yes, I've done turkey breast in the crock pot. Not with butter, but delicious! Have done chicken this way, too. If you like chicken (or turkey) & noodles, just add about a half bag of noodles and extra broth when you return the meat to the crock pot. Needs an hour or two of cooking for noodles to cook. Serve over mashed potatoes for a ton of starch!

  13. Oh my goodness! I think I will have to do this ASAP!! I love my crock pot, I have a Balsamic Roast Beef going right now at home! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Anonymous5:58 PM

    YUM...............I'm starving! Karen F.

  15. I've never heard of adding the butter to it but it sounds yummy and I'll try it with my next turkey! I put my turkey breast in the crockpot FROZEN, only sprinkling with salt & pepper and let it cook overnight, don't have to add water or anything. It comes out soooo moist & tender. Perfect!

  16. I for sure am going to make crock pot turkey! How easy and delicious! Thanks! Wendy


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