Monday, February 10, 2014

This weekend in entertainment. (Frozen. Downton)

Mary got Muddy.

Olaf made us laugh.

I know.  We are the last to see it.  But we loved Frozen.  
Having only heard the music once I am not head over heels for it...but I know those of you with the soundtracks can't get enough of it.  I don't think I have ever heard of a new release movie having sing a longs immediately after the movie was released!  So at our theater you can go see the movie OR go see the movie in a Sing-a-long version.  Isn't that the funniest thing you have ever heard?

Finally saw Frozen. #cute #olaf #photobomb

Olaf photobomb :o)

One of you posted in the comments how much this little character reminded them of Katie.
I totally see it.  It was like watching Katie in a Disney film for me.

About the animation.  I thought the eyes were freakishly big.  Anyone else notice this?  I know it's a popular Japanese way to animate but I found it distracting and over the top.



Speaking of Over the Top, Katie's volleyball team (OTT) had a great tournament yesterday.  Their last game (#6 of the day) was a huge let down for the girls but they won four and that is such a great showing for them.  I'm so happy to see them improve!!!  The games are fun to watch and very exciting.

I was deliriously tired when I watched Downton so I know I didn't fully take it all in but please feel free to discuss it in the comments.  What I do remember....Isobel taking care of The Dowager.  I said aw, aw, aw....  Mary got muddy.....while Mary cares about the pigs...I really don't think that is in keeping with her all.  But it was fun.  Edith.  That whole abortion thing just made me furious.   I scowled.   Mr. Bates' scowl at the end.  Watch out.  Lord Grantham snuggling with Isis.  Too sweet.   Isis is such a teeny little lab.  She is half the size of Ginny.

Have a happy Monday.
I'm going to rest.  
WATCHING eight hours of volleyball and driving for three hours wore me out.

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    The cute pic of you three with Olaf the photobomber made me smile. : ) We loved Frozen, of course. We listen to "Let It Go" almost everyday along with Sara Bareilles, "Brave". Hey, whatever gets us thru the winter. Music helps.
    Eight hours of volleyball. Wow. You are a good momma! : P Another high-five to Katie!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Frozen is such a feel good movie! So glad you and the girls enjoyed it.

    It was closing weekend for Molly's musical, which meant two late nights followed by a Sunday matinee. We also watched the Beatles Special, so it was very late by the time I got to watch Downton. Maybe because I was exhausted, but it kind of felt like the episode was all over the place. One sweet moment was when Lord Grantham was saying his good byes to the ladies and had a special word and kiss for each of them, then asked Tom to look after them. Loved that.

    Congrats to Katie and her team! It's fun to have your hard work pay off in wins!! :)

    Mary Z

  3. Just finished watching a recording of Downton Abbey, and had to hop over here to see what you had to day, Donna. Your first line "Mary got muddy" is a gem. Thanks for commenting on the show even though you were tired. I look forward each week to hearing what you have to say on the subject.

  4. Some of my favorite lines from last night: Mary—I've been married. I know everything. Mary—I'm not aloof am I? Anna: Do you want me to answer truthfully or like a ladies maid? The Dowager's comparing Isobel to a drunken vicar. The Dowager's replying to Isobel: Oh, Goody!

    I agree with Mary's muddy pig romp being generally out of character. However, I think she was trying to prove a point to Mr. Blake—a point she made very well. I am really enjoying all the men after Mary. I really can't imagine which one she will pick, but perhaps we should start picking favorites!

  5. Grrr my big ole comment disappeared. I hate it when that happens.

    So I'll try again :-)

    I've not seen Frozen yet, but need to. I LOVE the photobomb with Olaf. You three look darling.

    I'm glad it was a satisfying day of Volleyball, but oy it must have been tiring!!!

    About Downton. I have some thoughts. Anybody surprised, stand up! ha

    favorite bits:

    Lord G's goodbye to Cora. Sweet. I loved how he said goodbye to each one of them.

    And Mary ... "I'm married, I know everything" with a toss of her head. HA!

    Also, I loved the interchange between Mary & Bates. "It's not your fault, Bates. It's not hers, but it isn't yours".

    Also really enjoyed Isobel caring for Violet, and the things coming out of V's mouth in her delirium.

    I thought the whole situation with Edith and Aunt Rosamund and the pregnancy was handled thoughtfully. I liked how Aunt R. was supportive and also how she was so sad to hear E. say she was going to end the pregnancy. I thought the way Edith was speaking was very believable for her situation, and for her personality. When Aunt R. said she would go with her, I cheered.

    Once there, at that awful place, when E. was expressing again her sadness and how it would change her life forever ... "I don't think I'll ever be able to visit the nursery again" ... and then to hear the other girl sobbing. Well, of course she left. I figured she would, but heaved a sigh of relief nevertheless.

    To quote Granny from the first episode, she chose life.

    And her story will go on.

    It's television, and a fancy soap opera at that with Butlers and snazzy dinners, after all. In spite of that I thought they did a good job of moving Edith forward. Just my opinion.

    And of course Isis is a darling doggy.

    Mrs. Hughes throwing down to the awful Green was an awesome moment, for sure. If looks could kill he'd already be dead.

    I'll stop. Time to go back to the Winter Olympics!!

    1. Green frightens me. I sure hope Mrs. Hughes stays safe.

    2. Bringing in the "she chose life" strand from the first episode: BRILLIANT, Susan!

      I loved the Isobel/Violet thread. My husband (the guy that quit Downton, right?) looked at me with a worried brow and said, "They aren't going to let the Dowager DIE are they?"

      The husband wants Green dead. Period.

      I also loved how LG said goodbye to each one with a special word and a kiss.

      I love coming here on Monday to hear the DA reactions!

    3. Even the way Green was spit-polishing the boots before Mrs. Hughes told him off was contemptible.

  6. P.S. yes, there's more ... I have watched this episode at least 3 times. OKAY maybe 4. I will say it gets better every time. (remember, I saw it originally back in the fall. Then purchased the DVD's in late November.)

    all I'm saying is, watch it again.

    I agree that Mary had a point to make about the Pigs. She's a business woman now and wants to see their investment succeed. Even if it ruins her shoes!

    1. Yes. She is a survivor, that Mary. She is bright and wants to do what Matthew would have done...she knows he was on the right path. I could not understand Violets mumblings.

    2. closed captions for the DVD's help. She was mumbling about how everything she fed her tasted horrible, and how the "nurse" was talking like a drunken vicar! ha ...

  7. The animation for Frozen reminded me a great deal of Tangled. Almost too much in that it seemed like the same people, different story. She does remind me of Katie.

    I think Joseph (as he's called now) is going to figure out the Thomas/Mrs. Baxter situation. Thomas's back story must be a doozy. Can't wait to see how all that unfolds.

    1. I saw tangled for the first time just a week before seeing frozen, and was shocked at how similar the animation looked. I really, really liked both movies. And I wish you all could come to the supper club to join me in the medley of songs I sing from Frozen!!

    2. Anonymous1:01 PM

      Road trip to the supper club to sing along with Steph!! :)

      Mary Z

    3. Anonymous1:32 PM

      I want to come!

    4. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Me too!

      Sarah P.

    5. Saying that Frozen reminded you of Tangled... There's a moment, right when the gates have been opened, that you see Rapunzel (with short, dark hair and her purple dress) walking toward the gates with Flynn at her side. Fun little tidbit!

    6. PS - can't wait for that road trip!!!

    7. Someone told my son that about Rapunzel and Flynn, but he didn't believe it. I guess we'll have to see it again.

      Steph, I would love to hear you sing the Frozen songs!

  8. Donna, you are MY SOURCE supreme! My kids posted a picture of a huge snowman they made with Olaf in the caption and I didn't get it. NOW I do, thanks to you!

    The hubs is back watching with me. And EVERY TIME it starts he remarks about Isis' butt in the opening sequence. He thinks it is there on purpose.

    And when Mary and Blake sit down and eat eggs and wine across from each other? He whispered "communion." He sees symbols everywhere.

    1. He sounds like a fun one to have around :-)

    2. Anonymous1:33 PM

      What Susan and Donna said!

    3. (Sorry if this shows up twice, it seems to have disappeared. And then I goofed it up.) Julian Ovenden does look like he's giving a blessing when Mary serves him, but doesn't actually say "communion." You might know that his father is a former chaplain to Queen Elizabeth. Julian did a live chat with PBS today, the transcript is here: --Missy

    4. Missy, That link may just put Susan over the edge.

    5. Don't mean to put anyone over the edge, but here's another link to a Julian Ovenden interview that someone sent to me via Twitter: --Missy

    6. I can't get the Masterpiece Theatre link to work. Will try to read transcripts tomorrow. The wire one was interesting - thanks!

    7. Okay got the PBS link to work. that was fun!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Love the show but there were more implausible scenes than I expected. Mary and the mud, flashing that big muddy smile...agree with others, out if character. Tom getting the chair at the political rally and the attention the girl waving him over got...tho expect a story line there. Ivy's reaction to Alfred's return...a little more than expected, tho distance makes the heart grow fonder. Finally, Thomas' menacing threat to the new maid to find out why Bates didn't go to America...he was so much more believably conniving with OBrien. Now it seems he's just given quick dark comments and I still can't believe Cora would have chosen that dull maid. Criticisms aside, love that Mrs Hughes basically got a confession out of Green, he will get his just dessert. Love the downstairs stories the best.

  11. I am such an eager viewer of the show, I suspend my disbelief and just enjoy what is being portrayed on the screen! I am putty in their hands.

    But truly I think these later episodes are chock full of good stuff. And there are still two episodes to go! (including the final longer episode). :-)

    1. Fair enough, I do enjoy it all. Ha ha putty in their hands!

    2. Carol, you make some very good points, I should add. Especially about Mary getting her dress dirty. I just kept thinking how fun it must have been for the actress (Michelle Dockery) to have a chance to do something physical like that!

      And amen about Thomas being a more convincing underhanded fellow when he was in cahoots with Miss O'Brien. I still kinda miss her.


  12. Kaish and Gary and I went to see it when it first came out. It was the only movie that sounded remotely interesting to Gary. We all liked it. I thought it was a perfect pick. We went to the Movie Tavern to see it. Do you have one near you? You can watch a movie and eat dinner in your seat. I think it is so much fun. Gary never likes the food he gets so he is not a fan. Kaish loves it. Kaish is pretty easy to please though. I would like to go to a Movie with you someday. You are my favorite movie expert : ).

  13. I went to see it when it first came out. It was the only movie that sounded remotely interesting to Gary. We all liked it. I thought it was a perfect pick.Entertainment, Online Movies, Live Tv Channel
    We went to the Movie Tavern to see it. Do you have one near you? You can watch a movie and eat dinner in your seat. I think it is so much fun. Gary never likes the food he gets so he is not a fan. Kaish loves it. Kaish is pretty easy to please though

  14. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Cassie and I saw Frozen several weeks ago. One highlight for us (we thoroughly enjoyed it) was the young toddler boy sitting on his mother's lap several seats down our row. Cassie noticed him about 2/3 of the way through the movie and pointed him out to me. His reactions made the rest of the movie for us. In the climax scene, when it looked like evil had triumphed, his little face went from horror to anger to glee when good triumphed in the end.

    I said the same about the music, couldn't see any of the songs becoming hits or memorable. Then, a few weeks later Cassie played the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" for me and I couldn't get it out of my head for days. Then I substituted for a kindergarten class where the teacher plays the soundtrack CD in the morning before school starts. The kids sang along to every word and my heart melted. I now know the words to most of the songs. LOL.

    DA in a separate comment. :)

    Sandy C

  15. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I watched DA on Tuesday this week and really enjoyed the mostly light-hearted episode. Interesting how Mary is becoming quite the coveted prize for so many young men again. What will Mr. Bates do to Green, I wonder? Has everyone else decided he probably really did kill his ex-wife? I wish I could like the Edith character more but I just don't can't drum up any concern for what happens to her. That's been the case since the first season. Once again, the Dowager stole the show for me, even on her sickbed. I am terrible at remembering quotes but thought she said one about America that was particularly snarky (in a good way!).

    Sandy C.

  16. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Miz Boo! My comment is long overdue. My apologies~ It was Me! I was the one that wrote to you regarding how your Katie is in the movie! We love Frozen and I will forever think of your Katie everytime we watch! family was quite concerned as I was all giddy with your mentioning me in your post. I was and still am so excited. You are a celeb to me! I am a big fan! Have a super day and enjoy our return of Spring! Monique in MN


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