Saturday, February 22, 2014



it was crazy windy...

I used my Lensbaby for the heck of it.  It is a lens that makes the edges blurry.  The aperture is fixed and you have to focus by hand.  I am not the best at using it...but then I have only used it a few times.  Like I tell Katie, you have to work for a long time at something to be good at it!
Ask any Olympian?
Why we think we will be good at something the first year we learn it...well...that's just nutty.


Katie was letting Ginny out and I ambushed her because the light was pretty.  This picture is not edited.


Here I used an action by MCP to give it some warmth.  Katie's nose gets red really fast!
But you know what?  I prefer the unedited one with the red nose.  Real life.


Here it is in black and white.

It's very shadowy....but that's okay once in a while.  It's not my traditional style....but it happened.

I hope you have a great weekend!
God bless!



  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    We heard about your 50-60 mph winds there in Wisconsin and I prayed for you to be safe on the road….thankful to God that you are all still there and not in Kansas or NYC depending on the direction of the wind. ;-) Beautiful photographs again…I like the unedited one of Katie and the black and white one and the tree one is dreamy.

    Remember way back when you were talking about weddings and Cindy's beautiful wedding? I looked for our wedding vows and then stopped looking and found them yesterday….amazing how that happens. The one thing we had in our wedding that I wanted was a quote from Emerson: "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." Sigh, I still like that….love and prayers, jep

    1. lovely quote, jep - I like it too! sending love and prayers to you ...

    2. Anonymous2:57 PM

      Thank you!

    3. I hope you are better! The quote is lovely. I may have to share it with my future daughter-in-love.

    4. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Best wishes to your son and future DIL, weddings…fun!

  2. Hi all - always so good to pop in here. Donna, I love the B/W of Katie - and like jep said, the trees are dreamy. Actually I like them all, but those are my favorite.

    p.s. are you looking forward to Downton finale tomorrow? ;-)

    1. Oh!!! Yes...Downton! We will be out of town for volleyball...will get home just in time!

    2. I love how the finales are special occasions. I might just watch it tonight, AGAIN. That is if my husband doesn't cry outloud! haha

  3. That is one beautiful quote, Jep!!!! I will be writing that down and passing it on for sure!

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    I like the blk n wht one the best. It is REALLY interesting.

  5. I like the unedited one, too. And thanks for the kick in the backside. I can't get any better at photography if I don't buckle down and practice, practice, practice. I guess it's more hit and miss and I want more hits!

  6. You are my favorite : ). You inspire me to try new things. To embrace life really. I am awfully grateful for you and your perspective. Thank you.

  7. an interesting technique Donna! Love all the images of Sweet Katie

    oh those eyelashes

  8. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Hello! (that's how we Americans say it -- hehe)
    Lovely, dreamy shots of Katie and a beautiful quote from Jep. Though I missed my visit here over the weekend, so glad to stop in before leaving the house for the day!

    Mary Z

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Rembrandt lighting! I love the unedited version too. what is that B&W action?
    ~Kristi in LV

  10. I really like this style of photography. With doing my blog I have begun to realize how untalented I am with a camera lol! Thanks for the encouragement to keep plugging away!


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