Friday, February 21, 2014

The Elm Rink Organist Tony Tahlman

Earlier this week I mentioned roller skating....
Southern Gal mentioned the songs she remembered skating to...

And well....

I remember the live organ playing.

Lo and behold....and I mean it.....Lo and Behold....

I found the actual organ playing from the Elm on youTube.
Thank you YouTube!

I can actually place myself on that rink, doing crossovers around the corners and feeling the breeze.
I can feel my feet and legs and hair.  My little nine year old legs and feet and hair....

Truly transported in time.


Amusing ourselvesupload

I feel so free to be myself around my kids.  I'm so imperfect and goofy and just love to laugh.
So this kind of thing happens every day.  Silly interactions.
Now.  I know my mom was funny and silly and goofy...but that behavior was more reserved for her friends.  Perhaps having seven children kept her in worker mode and she could let it all when she was with friends.  Yeah.  Maybe the fact that we have so much 'free' time together...and then...I don't have friends like my mom and dad did....
Yeah.  That might be part of it too.

Whatever the reason...I'm glad I can have fun with my children...and laugh...and be silly...

Do you know what I mean?
Is it just me?

Encourage one another,

I'm trying to teach Ginny to bring me her leash. She's kind of clueless. I tell her, "come on Ginny, you can do it!! You're a retriever, for heaven's sake!"


  1. I think I am the silliest with my kid too. I wish I had more. Kaish is so grown up now. Sometimes he doesn't want to be silly. I miss him being little.

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I think it is great to be silly and fun with your kids. My parents were always so serious. I want my kids to remember the joy and laughter in our home! You are a great momma. I wish I lived near you because we would be buddies! Keep up the encouraging words :)

  3. You are a hoot! And I mean that in a nice way. :) Yes, I know what you mean! I love having fun with my kids. We laugh together a lot!

  4. Totally Cracking up! I love that you are silly with your girls! Its good stuff! Thanks for the smile!

  5. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Oh, thank you for the walk (skate) down memory lane with the organ music. I do remember the "roller rink" as we called it here and the music and the lights and no windows as I recall…it would be so light outside and we would walk into darkness with multi-colored lights going inside or so I remember. I was much better at roller skating than at ice skating, but enjoyed both. Your selfies are the best and made me smile…it is good to have laughter in the home.
    love and prayers, jep
    Oh and disco balls were hung above the rink….so fun!

  6. I am amazed at what can be found on youtube. that is so cool.

    Some of the best, goofiest funniest times have been with our daughters and our son-in-law.

    Right now I'm grinning thinking about it, and also mentally counting the weeks til I am in the U.S. again.

    By the way, you gals are too cute ;-)

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Oh my, I feel transported back in time to the roller rink! We were in Schaumburg instead of Elmhurst, but things were pretty much the same!

    It is not just you! Letting down our guard/mask/defenses in order to be truly silly has got to be good for our souls. My dear husband has always excelled at that as a parent -- making up little stories, doing silly sock puppet shows, having contests, etc. I've gotten better at it as I've gotten older and hopefully wiser. :)

    Mary Z

  8. Anonymous12:24 PM

    When I was in elementary and middle school we'd go skating all the time, either for school or church. That was in the 80's and the skating rink would play "Sara" by Jefferson Starship. Some of the boys would skate next to me and sing along to me. Ha ha!! That was a big deal.
    My dad was the goofy one and still is. My mom was always serious and still is. I am definitely goofy, silly and weird with Sophia and Kris and my family. It's just who I am. And if you can let go and laugh a little....that's a huge thing. Really it is.
    That's why I like ya, Miz Boo, cause you know how to have fun!
    Sarah P. from Iowa

  9. I love being goofy with my kids. And my mother...oh, the stories I have. I always remember the time she told me that her mother had absolutely no sense of humor. We both looked at each other in horror! How did my mother come from a woman with no sense of humor? It seems impossible.

    John and I used to ice skate when we were the same rink. He is two years younger than me, though, so he probably totally annoyed me if we were there at the same time. But I was usually there alone (no idea why) and I loved getting lost in my thoughts as I skated. Sweet memories.

    Happy Friday all!


  10. Oh you have friends, dear Donna, we are all RIGHT.HERE. Let loose with us--be goofy--we'll watch and laugh and be goofy right along with ya!!

  11. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I used to be goofy A LOT with my kids when they were little. Harder to do now that they are ages 22-31. I used to sing silly songs to them and we'd chase each other around the house. My daughter and I would dance and be corny and laugh together in the dining room (where the stereo was). Happy, happy memories. Thanks for the reminder that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. Be as silly as you want to be, Donna. We (your readers) love it. : )

    Debbie Z.

    1. Be corny again and I'll bet they'll join in with you. My 25 and 22 year olds do occasionally!

  12. NOT just you! I'm very goofy with my kids, especially my daughter ... who's finished college and just moved far away. )-: How I miss her.

  13. I am a complete dork and cannot hide it. I sing and dance, and not in a graceful way. When I was younger and hungout with my friends all the time, we were beyond silly...people thought we were strange, I think. Life is just more fun that way. My kids actually ignore me already, ages 5 and 7, but I just keep doing my thing. Laaaaaaaaaaaa! Glad I am in good company : )

  14. How could I have forgotten the organ music!! Thanks for the memory jog.

    And I love that you're goofy around your kids. Mine usually roll their eyes at me, but they laugh and that's worth it.


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