Thursday, May 22, 2014

And the winner is....

Katie and I loved Alex Preston singing with Jason Muraz last night.  It was a highlight for us.  Alex was Katie's favorite...and I like Jason Muraz.


My favorite Caleb Johnson WON American Idol last night.
He really is a great rocker...with an amazing voice.  I voted for him all season so I am thrilled!

I love this song.
Good luck Caleb.  Stay away from the drugs and you will be one of the best rock singers ever.
I really think you are that good.

Throw Back Thursday....

This either ;o)

This is 2008.  Before babies for Matthew and Melinda.  By the way....they are expecting baby number three in November.  That's a lot of babies....and a lot of love.  Can't wait to meet grand baby #3.
Will it be a girl???

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. Amy J in WI9:24 AM

    Congrats to Melinda and the whole Boucher family. Three!

  2. OH! Congratulations on a third little blessing Dear Donna!

  3. WONDERFUL news for Melinda and Matthew!! Congrats Yaya :-)

    I watched A.I. exactly once this season, up in Anchorage. Caleb was great and I'm tickled your fav won.

  4. Wow! Great news. Congrats to you all.

    We watch The Voice but no Idol. Glad your fav. won. I love guessing the winners (-:


  5. Anonymous10:12 AM

    woohoo! Congrats! I am getting another grandbaby in November too. We are also hoping for a girl this time, but I will take anything healthy!
    Kris Schwarz

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Congrats to Melinda and Matthew -- and your whole family! Babies are such a blessing!!

    Caleb is a talent for sure. You picked a winner! :)

    Mary Z

  7. I loved them all this year. I think there will be a lot of success in that bunch. Congratulations on Grandbaby #3!!

  8. Congratulations on grandbaby #3! We are expecting grandbaby #3 in December, but our question is, "Will it be a boy?" ;)

    My son still can't believe Caleb won. We have never pulled for one singer throughout the whole contest that won! I always think I jinx them, but not this year! I agree. He's that good. Jena grew on me, but we always pulled for Caleb.

    (My son wasn't allowed to watch all of the shows because of Jennifer. I mean, really? I think next year they should keep the cameras on the singers. Ethan couldn't even watch Caleb singing Dazed and Confused because of Jennifer's, um, well, you know. I let him listen to it, though.)

    1. Anonymous1:25 PM

      Every show my 8 yo daughter commented on Jennifer's short clothes. It seems she was always uncomfortable in them, holding her arms tight to her sides when she walked to her chair. I also wonder how many of the kids on the side of the stage got an, ahem (me clearing my throat), eyeful as she walked by them. Last night as we watched, my 12 yo boy had me forward through her performance, because he was so embarrassed by it. ~Kristi in LV

  9. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Congrats on baby #3!

    Rachel in ND

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Caleb deserved to win because his voice is just amazing. But I have to admit, Alex was my favorite the whole season (I agree with Katie!). I guess because Indie Rock is one of my favorite styles. Loved the duet with Jason Mraz. So mellow and their harmony is wonderful. Congratulations on Baby #3 coming! Our second grandchild is due in August and my daughter is having some pregnancy complications- we are just praying for a full-term pregnancy and no early birth and incubator.

    Debbie Z.

  11. I finally had a moment to listen to the clips.

    The one and only time I watched the show I was very impressed with Alex; I loved his vibe.

    I am so way way out of touch, I honestly don't know who Jason Mraz is ! But I loved this duet.

  12. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Congratulations on baby #3!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  13. Yay for the next baby! Congratulations!

  14. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Congrats on the new baby!

    I love Caleb and think he is a fantastic rock singer and put KISS to shame last night, I wonder if he will sell though. Is there a market now for 80's hair metal? I'm not so sure. I think Jena is way more marketable and is amazing. I hope to see the prom coverage. I think, besides those two and Alex and maybe Ben, this was the worse crop of talent Idol has ever seen. I love that Ryan sang and that Richard Marx has enough of a sense of humor to go along with that segment.

    Kristi in LV

    1. Katie and I were astonished that Ryan sang. Bon jovi and U2 still sell...Caleb should be like them.
      I like JLo. I think she is gorgeous. I don't care for her singing. But her clothes and make up were beautiful in my eyes.

  15. Anonymous2:17 PM

    So nice that I can come here and get my information about TV shows. I do appreciate it! I listened to both clips and I enjoyed the Jason Muraz/Alex Preston song more, but Caleb Johnson is a good singer. My husband is sitting nearby and he liked all of the music. ;-)

    When I remember how short our skirts were in the late 60's/early 70's I cringe a bit. I think the styles are not much different today and Jennifer is a pretty lady. Harry is my favorite of the judges, but doesn't Keith get into the singing, wow he really seems like he is pulling for them to hit every note. Thanks so much for the update. Now I will know what folks are talking about when AI comes up in conversation. AND, hooray for Melinda and Matthew and the whole Boucher family. Another grand baby is something to celebrate!!! love and prayers for healthy mamas and healthy babies for all here at QLCS, jep

  16. Alex was my favorite also, but I also liked Caleb!
    Congrats on baby number 3! Grandchildren are really a Blessing!

  17. Hooray for a third baby! Congratulations to their darling family!! Three children so quickly can really set your world on fire (says the girl who had three little stair steps right in a row)!! :) Both scary and fun all at the same time. So fun to think about what it means to watch your family grow and what the future holds. :)

  18. Congratulations! How exciting for all of you!

  19. it will be a girl. i feel it. and i predicted both my boys would be boys and that Gracie would be a girl, so i haven't been wrong yet.


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