Wednesday, May 21, 2014

little joy


“I'd like to add some beauty to life," said Anne dreamily. "I don't exactly want to make people KNOW more... though I know that IS the noblest ambition... but I'd love to make them have a pleasanter time because of me... to have some little joy or happy thought that would never have existed if I hadn't been born.” 

L.M. Montgomery



With love,

p.s. I am delighted that Maks and Meryl won Dancing with the Stars last night.


  1. Today's quote might be my favorite ever. And this photograph of Katie is the one that inspired me to better my photography skills and eventually take it to another level. Thank you for that, and for just being you. Your friendship means the world to me. xoxo

  2. I agree with Cheryl. That quote is the best ever.

    And little Katie...your girl is growing up!


  3. Anne wanted to add to the beauty ... she was ahead of her time!

    Ditto to Di and Cheryl - great quote!! Katie looks like a young Anne.

    1. P.S. I meant to add: YOU are a joy-bringer, dear Donna - which is why we keep coming back :-)

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Joy and encouragement and looking, really looking at everything out there in the world. You make the everyday beautiful and open my eyes to the beauty all around me. Anne is one of my favorite characters and her great, great something great relative is a good friend of mine who has all the Montgomery books and dolls and has visited PEI to see where the stories took place. Small world connection, huh? love and prayers, jep

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Sorry, I don't agree about Max. I think he whined all season about not winning in the past and guilted people into voting AND it was never fair that he was dancing with a gold medal winning DANCER. I have trouble watching a show that claims the stars don't have dance experience and pits womeone with no experience against a medal winner. Just say'in.

  6. Beautiful quote! At the beginning of DWTS I thought it would be unfair for Maks and Meryl to win. However, as time progressed, there was no denying there was something magical about their dancing. They truly deserved to win this season!

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    This photo of Katie is so dreamy. I love it!! I also love that Meryl and Maks won. They were beautiful to watch.

    Keep adding to the beauty, Donna. You do it so well.

    Mary Z


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