Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great Dancing on Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing with the Stars does not disappoint!

Last night the guest judge was the delightful Kenny Otega.  I 'met' Kenny when he judged for So You Think You Can Dance.  But he is a very well respected and long working choreographer.  He did the dances for Dirty Dancing and more recently he did the High School Musical movies.  He is a fan of dance and he really enjoyed the show last night!  It was very good.

LOVE Meryl's costume!

Maks is a great Elvis!

This was a special "Macy's" dance.  The blonde male lead is Derek Hough.  He helped choreograph this piece and is absolutely spectacular in everything he does.  (He has won this show with his partners many times.)

I loved the brooms and the lifts and the fun, bouncey song.

Good Dancin'!!!

 Encourage one another,


  1. Even I loved it - and Amy's success made me cry!!

    1. They were rather modest last night. Amy is remarkable!!!

  2. janice9:33 AM

    I loved the dancing last night! (But I don't know if anything will top Disney night, so entertaining) I loved both of Meryls costumes! I love seeing Max really being able to dance full on with his partner! The Macy's dances have been great this year, Derek is so talented.
    Amy amazes me and I really don't know who I want to win this year...

  3. Absolutely fabulous dancing last night! Max and Meryl are wonderful, but I cannot discount either of Amy and Derek's dances last night either. Their jazz was spectacular.

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I am so glad I can watch highlights here because I just can't talk my husband into watching Dancing with the Stars. He watched one season with me and that was enough for him. I love Meryl's costume with the ruffled white skirt and boots. And talk about fabulous dancing. Wow.

    Debbie Z.

  5. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Love these dances. I could watch Max dance all day. :) He and Meryl are wonderful together. And Amy -- wow. Such a fun season!!

    Mary Z

  6. Anonymous1:51 PM

    So thrilled that I had the time to stop by today. Thank you for the videos. Maks and Meryl dance beautifully together. Both are so very talented and look remarkable together. Derek's choreography...Wow! love and prayers, jep

  7. I come here often, Donna, although I don't always write. Your posts cheer me and I especially enjoyed today's after seeing that last number. That was such a hoot. Thanks for the smiles!

  8. Last night's show was excellent! We had so much fun watching. My girls clap and cheer. They are enjoying it because they know these younger dancers. It's anybody's guess who the winner will be!

  9. Oh my goodness. The clips you shared are fantastic!!!! Thank you. I'm not watching this season....so busy. Loved the Macy's dance. Loved Meryl's skirt in the first one. Meryl and Maks are perfect.

  10. Lillian9:30 AM

    Hi Donna (and Katie)!
    We loved meeting you last night! Monica and I kept replaying Derek Hough's Macy's dance, so good!
    Let's keep in touch!
    Under the Mercy,

    1. Hi Lillian! It was delightful to meet you! I'd love to keep in touch!


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