Thursday, May 01, 2014

kid lit, mom lit

This morning I had to go to the pet store to get Ginny's food.  She eats Fromm's because it is made in Wisconsin and is good for her...but I can only get it at the pet store.  The pet store doesn't open until 9:00 so I HAD to got o Target and waste time.

I found some books that I have seen on the internet but never had a chance to buy.

So I bought em.

This first one is just too sweet.

Highly recommended.


Here.  Read that.  It's much easier than me trying to write a pithy description.

Charming.  That's what it is.


And for the classical educator of toddlers...

pride and prejudice

I've posted about those before ...but now I have a few.  I didn't want the Dracula or the Alice in Wonderland.  But I'd be curious to see the Anna Karenina...and I think I would buy the Sense and Sensibility.

Now I have to go make a Potifer's head covering.  I've devised a comes the real test....sewing.   Wish me luck.

(Katie's 7/8 graders are preforming Joseph next week.  Katie is one of the narrators.)

Encourage one another,

p.s.  I spell preforming wrong 80% of the time.  "per'


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Joseph is one of my favorites! “Potiphar had very few cares……” He won't have to worry about his head covering as you'll do a good job, I'm sure. Katie will have so much fun as the narrator!! :)

    The Golden Book sounds like it might be a good graduation gift. I need to shop for quite a few of those, so thanks for the idea. We love the little classic lit board books in our house. They make great baby gifts!

    Mary Z

  2. Love the idea of the Golden Book as a grad gift. I am in sore need of some easy, inexpensive grad gifts!

    That little puppy brings back amazing memories...childhood, babysitting, parenting...sweet times.

    Happy Thursday,

  3. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Little Golden Books made up my early childhood library, along with the Tell Me About Heaven series by Mary Alice Jones. Such good books and this new one looks good, too.

    We purchased the Anna Karenina Classics book for Vera at Christmas and both she and her mother love it. Very fashion oriented, so a big hit with Mom.

    Have a fun time sewing, Katie will be the star no matter her character! love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous2:02 PM

      Hmmmm, that last sentence did not make as much sense after it printed as I intended. Katie will be outstanding no matter which character in the play she is assigned. Not much better, but it gets what I intended across better I think. Befuddled this afternoon, jep

  4. I love the word befuddled, jep!! I get what you mean, Katie has good character traits and she will be great in the play no matter what role she plays ;-)

    I love little golden books! Sigh, the memories

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      {{{LIKE}}} If only I had said it like you did, Sigh!

    2. You say everything beautifully, jep!!

  5. I can't spell restaurant.

  6. except with spell check


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