Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sacrifice of my efforts.
...but see how divine Providence has come to my aid. God gives me the grace to remain unattached to all these affairs, so that my spirit remains always free. I leave their successful issue to his paternal care, so that nothing distresses me. Often things go all right and I give thanks to God; sometimes everything goes wrong, I again bless his holy name and offer him the sacrifice of my efforts. Once this sacrifice has been made, God arranges everything.
- Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence by Fr. J. P. de Caussade, S. J.
Mama T shared this quote today and I think it is one of the best things I have read in a while.
Many of the principles I hold very high are evident in that one lovely quote;
God is in control.
He cares for us.
He is gracious.
We are to be thankful.
We are to be obedient.
We are not to worry.
Doing thus leads to a free spirit.    Unburdened. 
Is it hard for you to believe? 
I think it is freeing and I am so thankful that God thinks my measly efforts good enough. 
We have a gentle, wise, loving Father.
Encourage one another,

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