Sunday, July 25, 2004

Eating In

Here are a few of the things I make for dinner when we hit one of those weeks/months. First, I take a good look in the cupboard to see what I can use up.

Last night we had spaghetti, pineapple chunks, toast, cottage cheese and milk.
There are left overs.

We will have meatloaf and fries, bacon and eggs, hamburgers, cod nuggets and fries and chicken of some sort this week.

Soup, hot dogs and 'stuffed' baked potatoes make very inexpensive meals.

*Buy ice cream and eat it at home. Big savings.
We spent nine dollars on three cones a few weeks ago!

*I try to buy cereal only when it is under $2.25.

*I make my own Kool-Aid and add the sugar myself. This is so much cheaper than jugs of Hawaiian Punch :o)

*Hang two loads of laundry a week. This will save $100 a year. Ten loads=$500!

*Have fun with this life style. Check and see what freebies your local community has to offer. You may find many fun and interesting things to do that you wouldn't have thought of doing before.

*Interlibrary loan has saved me at least $500 dollars this year!
This week alone I have borrowed books recommended by MFS and Samantha.
I love my library!

Free and Easy

We have a wonderful opportunity every Wednesday night in the summer here in Madison.

Concerts on the square.

Folks come out to listen to the Madison Chamber Orchestra on the lawn in front of the State Capital.

It is a glorious thing to do.


Copland Suite from Billy the Kid
Mancini Ohio Riverboat
Anderson Promenade
Sousa Wisconsin Forward Forever

Doesn't that look wonderful!

Let me know what clever and yummy things you do this week as you serve your family in a wise and frugal manner.

Thank you for encouraging me!

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