Monday, July 19, 2004

 Jean in Wis called me yesterday afternoon.  She was sitting on a new swing on her back porch.  As we spoke I could hear cows mooing in the background! 
Me: Jean, I can hear the cows mooing!
Jean:  Yes, the kids are weaning some of the calves and we seperate the babies from their mothers.   The moms and their babies call back and forth for hours. 
Isn't that amazing.  Some animals make horrible mothers....looks like cows are tender mommies :o)

Has anyone learned how to add links with this new blogger 'dashboard'?  I just tried to make a link to Jean at Fairview and have wasted 1/2 hour.  Please send me some pointers if you have figured this new thingy out.
If you would like to see what life on a farm is like click on Jean's link over at the sidebar!
Buried Treasure
Carmen over at Buried Treasure (click on sidebar link) is playing book tag again today. 
I can't wait to see the list of favorite Bible books.
Ya want to do WHAT?
Tommy Thompson was on the news this morning saying that he believes the government should set up programs to battle obesity.  Give me a break!!!!
This is total insanity.  If we think government interference is bad now....imagine that they want to tell us what to put in our mouths!
First, seatbelts then cigerettes and now food. 
Gee I wonder if big brother will be low carb, no sugar, no fat, no fast food or will they count our calories for us?
I want my freedom back! 
Please just leave us alone! 
Encourage me about this...what can we do to stop the big fat government?

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