Saturday, July 17, 2004

Hi Friends!!!
Look at this font.  Whoa...somebody at blogger has been busy :o)
I can even type in color!  Woohoo....
How have you all been?
I took a quick peek at all of my favorite blogs and boy o' boy have you guys been busy bloggers.  I will have such fun reading this week.
We had a wonderful time in Minocqua!
We talked and reminisced, roasted marshmallows and made smores.  There was waterskiing, pontoon boating, jet-skiing, deer spotting, and fudge eating. 
We saw many bald eagles, blue herons, a family of muskrats, a fawn and a big turtle. 
The children played in the water, the sand and the dirt...and the trampoline.
My sister's cottage is now fondly called Camp Nancy.

Emma learned to waterski and got up on the first try.  She really enjoyed it!

'Look ma, one hand!'

We sure ate a lot!

All of us girls took a turn cooking for the whole gang. 

We had barbecued pork,  brats (of course), Tex-Mex Dinner, Fried Chicken at the Country Club (family style) and Hot Italian Beef.   

Then of course ya have to eat fudge and bear paws, dine at the Island Cafe and have a great Greek Salad, and go to Bosacki's for a hot fudge Sunday. 

And the gals from the South were quite enamored with Culver's.  ( A hamburger joint with delicious frozen custard.)

Told you  we ate a lot!  Yikes...back to counting points.

Collecting Photos

I didn't take enough pictures.   Guess I was in the moment :o)

What a blessing to have such a big, happy family!

Encourage one another,



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