Monday, July 25, 2005

Book Love

This is the story of five sisters - Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte and Gertie - growing up in New York City around the turn of the century. They share one room and go everywhere together. Their pleasures are simple- going to the Library, or the market or Coney Island or Papa's shop (especially on a rainy day when the peddlers come in). The best thing about this story is the warmth and fun of family life whether celebrating the Jewish holidays or dusting the parlour which Mama turns into a wonderful game (Mama hides buttons - if you dust well, you will find them!) You could say that not much happens but it is such a warm and caring world they live in - it is irresistible. And at the end of the book something does indeed happen which surprises all of the sisters!

I started reading All-of-a-kind Family to Katie a few days ago. She usually resists sitting down for a length of time to read. She's much more about action and talking than listening. But I thought it was about time she learn to enjoy it :o)

All-of-a-Kind Family was the perfect choice. For Katie and for me.

But you know what? She doesn't really want to snuggle up to me when I read. She wants to stand up and flit about the room, acting out the story.
Does this suprise me? Well, not really.

Katie even wants to say each line the girls say.

So instead of quiet mama reading on the couch, I am Steven Spielberg :o)

Most importantly, tho, Katie is listening and enjoying the story.

I guess I will grow into my new role; director extraordinaire.

It's a pretty fun job :o)

Are you reading a chapter book to your children? What did you choose?
What chapter book was a favorite of yours when you were very young?

If you haven't read All-of-a-kind Family, you must!
It's a delightful book!

Encourage one another,

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