Tuesday, July 12, 2005

To write with light

I drove Matthew down to work this morning.
His car is in the shop and he says his wheel is just about to fall off....something about a boot and an axel. It's a good thing to get fixed...especially with the long trip he is making to Omaha this weekend!
Good thinking son!

I took my camera with me because I thought I might be able to get a pretty shot of the countryside or a few sand hill cranes. But, alas, the light was not right.

One of the main components of Photography is light. The name says it all

Photo means light
Graph mean write

To write with light.

Poetic, no?

Different times of day produce different kinds of light.
And clouds add another dimension altogether.

Everything was flat this morning.
No dimension at all.
I knew the photos would be blah.

So I shot the windmill as I buzzed around a curve going about 60....and that's the extent of my picture taking this morning.

I was once asked to take pictures at a wedding. The wedding was at noon on a very bright summer day. Ugh. I will never forget how the leaves left big dark blotches on the wedding party. (I was only 21 and not too experienced...why they asked me, I will never know)

For portraits I would recommend mornings or evenings for a softer light.

Ah well.... those were my thoughts this morning as I drove along the country roads holding my digital camera.

I love photography. I think it is an art.

Do you?

Encourage one another,

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